MTN yafun yafun – See Huge Benefits and How to Migrate

MTN yafun yafun whooping offers
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Are you in search of an MTN prepaid tariff plan with a better airtime and data deals? MTN yafun yafun is undoubtedly one of the best tariff plan available on the MTN Network.

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But wait, what is MTN yafun yafun and why is it overrated?

MTN yafun yafun is a default MTN tariff plan. By default I mean the tariff plan comes preset with any Newly registered MTN SIM card that you buy. This tariff plan however, was offering a whopping 300% airtime bonus. Nonetheless, the 300% airtime offer has been increased to 700% of which 350% is meant for all your call purposes and 350% left over bonus for web browsing.

In this article, we are going to explore the pros (benefits) and cons (disadvantage) and many other stuff you must know about MTN yafun yafun tariff plan.

Benefits of MTN yafun yafun

  • A whopping N1000 welcome bonus. This comes in hand with the new sim card purchased.
  • A 700% plus 100% MOMO added bonus for all new recharges. This is a bonus on top of the initial N1000 instant bonus.
  • A 35MB Data bundle which accumulate on every recharge.
  • Double Data offer on any purchased data plans
  • Monthly data bonus of 10MB on the first recharge of the month.

The offers above are compelling enough to entice anyone to obtain a new MTN sim card. You check it out, if a customer recharge at least N100, he or she gets a whooping N1700 offer. Wow!

But wait! What\’s the hurry? Let us delve deeper into the detailed explanation to better understand how these offers work. Below, we are only going to discuss the three outstanding benefits.

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N1000 Welcome Bonus

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By default, all newly registered MTN line comes with a whopping N1000 airtime bonus but since all customers who buy and register an MTN SIM CARD are placed on MTN yafun yafun tariff plan, the \”₦1000 airtime bonus\” verdict is given directly to the default tariff plan.

After buying and registering your new MTN line, an instant N1000 bonus will be made available on your line without you recharging the sim. You can simply check the bonus balance by dialing *310#. However, you will not be able to make use of the bonus if you do not Recharge your line. How smart does it look now?

The N1000 activation bonus includes N800 for calls and N200 for surfing the web. The bonus is only valid for one week and does not accumulate. It is a one time offer, so make sure to enjoy your bonus in full.

700% Bonus Plus MOMO Rewards For All Recharges

Despite the fact that MTN has already rewarded their New customers with N1000 as a welcome bonus, they still went straight ahead to offer a 700% bonus through their MTN yafun yafun tariff plan and also with an extra 100% airtime bonus if recharged from MOMO. This offer when added to the initial N1000 makes it a total of N1,800. Wow, this is quite astonishing!

The 700% offer is splits in twos, 350% for calls made to any Nigerian Networks and 350% for exploring the internet.You can check the bonus by dialling *310# as well.

Furthermore, this bonus has a (1) week valid period i.e it expires after seven (7) days if not used but rolls over and accumulate as the customer keeps recharging his or her line before the date of expiry.

Let\’s make this clear,

If you recharge ₦100 airtime, you get 700% airtime which is equivalent to ₦700, a recharge of ₦200 gives ₦1400 and so forth. Now, if you do not exhaust these bonuses within the seven days period, it expires. Here is the trick, as it is getting closer to the date of expiry, just take your phone and recharge at least N100 so that the left over bonus will not expire but instead add another ₦700 airtime to your bonus balance.

Amount RechargedWelcome Bonus
Airtime Bonus
Data Bonus
Data Bonus
MOMO Rewards
(if recharged with MOMO)
MTN yafun yafun all time bonuses

Double Data Offer

Another enticing offer on the MTN yafun yafun tariff plan is the double data offer also known as a 100% data bonus. This means that any puchased data bundle Will be doubled (social bundle and promo offers not included). This offer is valid in accord with the Data plan purchased. E.g if you subscribe to a one day data plan, then the added 100% data bundle will also be valid for one day.

How to Migrate to MTN yafun yafun

Now you know the benefits of MTN yafun yafun and you will like to get a taste of it. What is the migration code, you ask? As mentioned earlier, MTN yafun yafun is a default prepaid MTN tariff plan. There is absolutely no code to migrate to this tariff plan. Nonetheless, to take part and enjoy the yafun yafun bonus, you have to get yourself a new MTN SIM card.

Once your sim card is registered and activated, select MTN Yafun-Yafun from the menu that appears after registration. However, if the migration fails due to some Network issues, you will still be added to the MTN yafun yafun tariff plan by default.

MTN yafun yafun Call Rate Charges

There is absolutely no doubt that MTN yafun yafun is one of the best tariff plan on the MTN Network that offers huge bonuses to customers. But have you checked MTN yafun yafun call rate charges? If you had, then you will see that what goes around actually comes around.

All National calls charged from your main account balance is at the rate of 36k/sec and calls charged from your bonus account is at the rate of 77K/sec. SMS charges at the normal standard rate of ₦4/SMS. Before I forget PAYU Data at the rate of ₦3/MB

Additionally, it is important to note that your first and fifth minute call of the day will be charged from the main account and other calls from the bonus account.

There is something I want to address here…

Many people have been complaining that MTN gives them bonus that they are unable to use. People say that whenever they recharge and make call with their line, MTN only charges from the main account and once the balance has been exhausted, the bonus balance will be left to expire since they are unable to use it.

Please be well aware that your first minute call of the day is charged from your main account and if your first day\’s call is not up to one (1) minute, your next call of that same day will still be charged from your main balance. It is until you make a minute call that your subsequent calls will be charged from bonus account. This same incident also occurs on your fifth minute call of the day. The key to using your bonus is to make a minute on your first and fifth call of the day.

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For How Long Does MTN yafun yafun Last?

Many people love the yafun yafun tariff plan because of the double Data Offer which is exclusively available only on the tariff plan. MTN yafun yafun is one of a kind tariff plan that customers do not enjoy its benefits forever. Let\’s go straight…

The valid period of being on the MTN yafun yafun is six (6) months. During these period, customers will still be eligible to enjoy the 700% bonus, but as for double data offer, it will cease to exist after three (3) months.

Once six months period are over, you will be automatically migrated to the alternative plan (BETA TALK). This process does not require your authentication. If Beta Talk is not the choice you prefer, you can as well migrate to your preferred tariff plan anytime.

MTN yafun yafun Cons (Disadvantages)

Remember, from the very beginning of this article, we said that we are going to look at the pros and cons of MTN yafun yafun. So far, we have only discussed the benefits and it is now time to take a look at its few disadvantages.

  • MTN yafun yafun has the highest call rate charge compared to other MTN prepared plans
  • Customers only have six months to enjoy the benefits and after that, auto migration occurs without the customer knowing.
  • No code to migrate back to the plan if you are out.
  • Customers on this tariff plan are ineligible for MTN share and Sell. I.e you are not allowed to share your airtime with loved ones unless you migrate out of the plan.
  • PAYU data (pay as you go) is automatically active unless the customer stop it.
  • You may not be able to use the airtime bonus to your full satisfaction if you are not the type that makes large volume of calls daily.

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Despite the disadvantages mentioned above, MTN yafun yafun is still an awesome choice for many. Additional offers are available to you if you decide to join the yello’ family! But, before exiting this page, what offer would you like MTN to implement? Don’t forget to use the contact page to get in touch with us for any support!


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