6 Best MTN tariff plans, Benefits, and Migration Codes

MTN tariff plans tor bonuses

MTN tariff plans are subscription based plans that rewards customers with different mind blowing offers from MTN. All the MTN tariff plans has a slight advantage over the others, making them applicable for various lifestyles and businesses.

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In this article, We will be discussing more about MTN tariff plans, their benefits and how to migrate to any of your choice. At the end of this article, you will be able to select your preferred among this list of MTN tariff plans

MTN tariff Plans and Benefits Attached

When you dial *123*2#, you will see about eight (8) MTN tariff plans available on the MTN network. However, we will only be focused on six (6) of them which are the top MTN prepaid plans.

  • Beta Talk
  • Pulse
  • Mpulse
  • True Talk
  • MTN XtraSpecial
  • MTN XtraValue

MTN Beta Talk

This MTN prepaid tariff plan called BETA TALK provides an additional airtime bonus. This plan is the best alternative to MTN yafun yafun.

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It offers Customers who recharge less than N100 a 300% airtime bonus and a 200% data bonus, as well as an additional 20MB of data if they recharge N100 or more. The bonus acumulates as more recharges are made.

Benefits of MTN Beta Talk

1. 300% airtime bonus and 200% data bonus on all recharges less than N100.

2. 20MB + 300% airtime + 200% data bonus on recharges of N100 and above.

example table

Recharged AmountDataAirtime BonusData (MB)
MTN Beta Talk Bonuses

3. Free monthly 20MB data bonus on your first recharge/first call of the month. Apart from 10mb monthly bonus, all other bonuses are valid for one week (7 days) and keeps on accumulating if more recharges are made within the week. .

How MTN Beta Talk Charges

ServicesMain AcctBonus Acct
NAT’L CALLS32.5k/sec73k/sec
MTN Beta Talk Charge Rate

How to recharge to get MTN Beta Talk Bonus

Normal recharge using the string *555*recharge pin#
2. MTN on-demand platform
3. Bank recharge or via any VTU vendor

How to migrate to beta talk

(Send BT to 131)
dial *123*2*1#

N/B: You will be charged N101 for migrating from your current plan to another and all current bonuses will be revoked, but if this is your first time to migrate to any tariff plan in 30 days, no migration fee will be deducted.

MTN Pulse

MTN Pulse is the inverse of MTN BETA TALK. Rather than offering bonuses, they limit your call rate charge when compared to MTN Beta Talk.

Why You should choose MTN pulse

1. 11.26k/sec calls to all Nigerian networks after spending 27k/sec on the day’s first minute call.

2. Pulse Night Life bundles (250MB for N25 and 500MB for N50), with the option to purchase up to 2GB of data.

3. Customers who purchase data bundles or make up to a minute call on their line earn pulse points. Pulse points can be exchanged for Data.

4. The Pulse Tuesday offer, which allows you to take advantage of special ‘Data for you’ deals on Tuesdays only.

5. Campus zone offer, which allows you to receive a double data bonus for every (100MB, 150MB, or 200MB) of data used in higher education.

6. 10MB monthly data bonus on the month’s first recharge/call.

How MTN Pulse Charges for Calls

NAT’L Calls are charged at the rate of 11.26k/sec after being charged 27k/sec on the first and fifth-minute call of the day.


How to Migrate to MTN Pulse

Dial *123*2*2# or *406# to migrate. The both USSD codes leads to same channel.

MTN True Talk

On the True Talk tariff plan, you will learn how to say the truth at least once. Enjoy calls to all networks in Nigeria at 11k/sec after paying an access fee of N7. The access fee is deducted from your account balance after making your first-minute call.

MTN True Talk benefits

1) Flat rate of 11.26k/sec to call all Networks in Nigeria. First-minute call of the day attracts N7.17 access fee.

2) No migration fee

3) Free 10MB Data every month in first recharge of the month.

MTN True Talk Migration code

Dial *400# or *123*2*6# to migrate to this tariff plan.

Mpulse Tariff Plan

This plan is designed specifically for children aged 9 to 15 years old. It provides resources for students of this age to maximize their potentials. Debates and other similar activities are hosted on the Mpulse web: https://mtnonline.com/mpulse

Benefits Of Mpulse Tariff Plan

1) N200 worth of airtime on your birthday
2) Whatsapp bonus on the first monthly recharge.
3) Special Data bundles (1.2GB for N150, 350MB for N50) to be used on the Mpulse website only.
4) 15.36k/sec for all national calls
5) On Mpulse, automatic airtime/data transfer from parent to child.
6) Get a free monthly 10MB of data with your first recharge/call of the day.
7) Get 30MB free on your first visit to the Mpulse website.

Mpulse Migration code

Dial *344*1# or *123*2*3# to migrate to this tariff plan and enjoy the bonuses it offers.

MTN XtraSpecial

This is the only tariff plan that allows you to call all networks in Nigeria as well as eleven (11) other selected countries for a flat rate of 13.33k/sec, with no access fee and no hidden charges, just pure 13.33k/sec calls.

Benefits of MTN XtraSpecial

1) Make calls to all Nigerian networks and few international countries. Countries listed below at a flat rate of 13.33k/sec.


  • Australia
  • Canada
  • China
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • India
  • Ireland
  • Malaysia
  • Romania
  • South korea
  • United States of America.

How to Migrate to MTN XtraSpecial

To migrate to MTN XtraSpecial just dial *408# or *123*2*4#.

MTN Xtravalue

MTN Xtravalue is an MTN tariff plan that rewards customers with both airtime and data rewards. Subscribers has two choices to select from as an Xtravalue customer, which are:

Xtratalk: This rewards customers with more airtime than data bundle.

Xtravalue: This rewards subscribers with more data bundle than airtime.

MTN tariff plan Migration Codes

MTN Tariff PlansMigration Codes
Beta Talk*123*2*1#
MTN pulse*123*2*2#
MTN true talk*123*2*6#
MTN XtraSpecial*123*2*4#
MTN Tariff plans and their migration codes

Did it take you 5 minutes to scan through tbrough this article? if it did, at least, it was still worthwhile because you’ve come to learn about the top six (6) MTN Tariff plans and the subtle differences that distinguish each of the MTN prepaid plans from one another. Enjoy your day while continuing to use MTN, your preferred telecom network!

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