Glo Berekete 10x: The Tariff Plan With Bountiful Rewards!

The happiness of being among the Glo Berekete 10x subscribers

The GLO Berekete 10x profile is automatically set as the primary tariff plan for all new Glo customers, ensuring that they can immediately start enjoying the enticing benefits it has to offer. This plan comes with a delectable array of offers that cater to both voice and data needs, making it an attractive choice for everyone including you.

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Berekete++ is now Berekete 10x!

When you buy and register your new Glo sim card, you will have to dial \”125\” to activate the line and get yourself started on the Globacom Network. As part of the activation process, you must recharge your line with at least ₦100. This of course gives way to the bonus rewards.

GLO Berekete10x Call Rate Charges

GLO Berekete 10x charges 36k/sec for calls on main account and 77k/sec from bonus account. More about how glo Berekete 10x charges will be revealed as you scan through this article.

Additionally, charges on this tariff plan are made in steps. It goes like this, you will be charged from your welcome bonus first and when that has been exhausted, your 10x Berekete bonus will be deducted on next call before your main balance.

The Glo Berekete 10x plan has a lots of advantages for both existing and new subscribers. In this article, we will explore the various benefits of being a Glo subscriber and how you can take advantage of the Berekete 10x bonus plan.

Glo Berekete 10x Benefits

Are you considering trying out globacom but still in a confused state? In that case, you may be interested in learning about the benefits available to new Glo subscribers. Here\’s what you need to know:

1000 welcome bonus

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Globacom rewards new customers with a generous N1000 welcome bonus that comes pre-installed in all the new Glo sim cards. However, this bonus will only become active after you register, activate, and recharge your new sim card. The N1000 bonus is divided into two parts: N800 can be used for calls and charged at the rate of 75k/sec, and the remaining N200 is meant for internet browsing and charged at the rate of N1/MB. This is equivalent to 200MB of data. This offer is valid for 7 days and is a one-time offer for new Glo customers only.

Glo Bekereke 10x recharge bonus:

Within the Berekete 10x tariff plan, there is an additional bonus offer that grants Glo customers a remarkable 10 times their recharge amount. This bonus is serves a dual purpose i.e it can be used for making outgoing calls and for internet browsing.

To illustrate,

When you recharge N100, you will witness an increase in your account balance, a whopping N1000 will be credited to your account. Likewise, if you opt for a higher recharge of N200, you will enjoy an even more (2x) bonus, receiving up to N2000 to enhance your communication and internet needs. The extra bonus is added to ensure that subscribers receive exceptional value for their recharges, making the Glo Berekete 10x tariff plan an attractive choice for cost-conscious users.

Amount RechargedCall BonusData Bonus (₦)total
Berekete 10x bonus table

The table provided shows that the Glo Berekete 10x bonus includes the recharged amount, local call bonus, and data bonus (in Naira). This bonus is available for recharges ranging from N100 to N5,000, and recharges above N5,000 will also receive a N5,000 bonus. The Berekete 10x bonus incurs charges of 77k/sec for calls and N10/MB for internet usage, with a validity period of 7 days.

100% data bonus

Just like many other network providers operating in Nigeria, Glo extends a warm welcome to its new subscribers by offering them a generous 100% data bonus when they purchase specific data bundles from Glo. This data bonus proves to be an enticing perk for new users, doubling their data capacity and enhancing their connectivity experience. This bonus remains applicable from date of registering your new Glo SIM card until the next four months of usage. Moreover, every recharge made on your Glo line after activation will earn you additional data bonuses apart from this bonus.

Special Monthly data bonus

Special Extra Data Bonus on first recharge of the month (N100 and above) for 6 months from the date of joining Glo Network. This simply means that after six months, you will no longer be receiving this bonus from GLO.

The bonus serves as a valuable asset because it supplements the subscriber\’s data allowance, making it more economical to stay connected, browse the internet, and engage in various online activities.

Data bonus (MB)GND DataTotal
Data Bonus

How to Opt-in for Glo Berekete 10x

As stated so far on this piece, to Opt-in and enjoy all the aforementioned bonuses, customers must…

  • Visit any accredited GLO REG and purchase a new Glo SIM
  • Register the SIM card
  • Recharge the new SIM with at least ₦100, activate it with calls in order to start enjoying the bonus

Can existing Glo subscribers Join Glo Berekete 10x and Enjoy the Bonuses As well?

Yes! Existing GLO customers also have the opportunity to benefit from various bonuses; however, there are some important distinctions and restrictions to keep in mind. Certain bonuses, such as the 1k welcome bonus and the 100% added data bonus for data bundle purchases, are exclusively reserved for new GLO customers. They serve as a welcoming bonus to encourage new users to embrace the GLO network and its services.

Nonetheless, existing subscribers still have the opportunity to enjoy the 10 times recharge benefits offered by this tariff plan. Therefore, to partake in this 10x bonus offer, the initial step is to migrate from your current GLO profile to the Glo Berekete 10x tariff plan.

Follow up steps:

  • dial *777#
  • select option 4 (Berekete 10x)
  • Press 1 to migrate.

That’s all, and you’ll start reaping from the rewards.

Glo Berekete 10x is one of the best tariff plan that offers rich voice and data rewards. So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself a new Glo sim card or migrate to this tariff plan to start enjoying the bonuses explained above!


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