NIMC introduces self service app for update of Name, date of birth and others on NIN

There have been so many complaints concerning NIN enrollment and data modification of NIN data. Prior to the complaints, the NIMC board announced that a self service portal will be made available to the general public in order to reduce the queues in NIN enrollment centres and as a result make the process seamless and easier with no stress.

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We all were only expecting it, and now the self service portal is now at our reach!

NIMC has finally launch a self service medification service that will aid you make changes on your NIN without visiting any NIMC office. You can now modify your name, date of birth, mobile number, house address, email address, etc., on the NIMC Self-Service App? 

The process is seamless provided you have the specified requirement to make the required changes. Through a recent announcement on NIMC’s official X handle, (formally twitter) the commission unveiled the seamless and quick process available through the NIMC Self service portal. All modifications on the National Identification Number (NIN) can be done seamlessly on the NIMC Self Service app portal.

Simple, Quick and Easy Steps to Follow!!!

Here is a quick run-up step on how to update your Date of Birth via the self service portal. Please note that the guide below is written as posted:

  1. Visit
  2. Verify your NIN and logging to the portal
  3. Navigate to your dashboard and select the date of birth modification option.
  4. Complete the payment for the modification securely via Paystack.
  5. After payment, input your NPC certificate number and validate it. Your date of birth will be automatically filled and non-editable. If you’ve misplaced your birth certificate, perform the birth attestation online at
  6. Upload your NPC certificate along with any required supporting documents.
  7. Submit your modification request and preview the adjustments.
  8. Ensure to check the attestation box before submitting your request.
  9. Receive your modification transaction slip promptly on the modification table.
  10. Upon approval, receive a notification, and your NIN slip will be dispatched to your email. You also have the option to print the slip directly from your dashboard.

This streamlined process is not limited to date of birth modifications only. Citizens can also update their phone numbers, email addresses, and other details through the same self service platform.

Please be aware that each information you want to change on your NIN has its specific requirements you must acquire. It is advisable to make enquiries first before you proceed. Simply contact NIMC at for more enquiries and support.

What the DG Had to Say

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Concerning the significance of this initiative, The Director-General of NIMC stressed that identity is not just about cards or numbers but also critical for accessing fundamental services and promoting individual and economic progress. She added that privacy and data security be prioritized in identity management while noting the importance of inclusivity and accessibility to all Nigerians.

DG further noted that effective identity management systems can make a major contribution towards national security efforts and provide crucial assistance to citizens. The introduction of self-service is aimed at reducing registration turn-around-time as well as improving user convenience in order to ensure equitable access to critical identity solutions.

However, where digital access is not available, NIMC offices, front-end partners are accessible for help confirming the commission’s commitment to an accessible and efficient system when it comes to identification management services.


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