Unlock Your 20k Smartcash Super Bonus Reward Today – Don’t Miss Out!

Smartcash super bonus
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Have you received your 20k Smartcash super Bonus reward? If you haven’t, then you’re missing out!

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Not quite long when Smartcash announce free transfers to all local banks in Nigeria, free 5GB Data bonus for a funding account, and now they are making it more enticing by offering a free 20K in cash to all their customers both new and existing customers.

I know very well that you slide in to this page just to get answers about how you can redeem the 20K smartcash super bonus offer. Without further ado, lets get started…

The 20K Smartcash Super Bonus

Airtel Smartcash has recently introduced an exciting initiative aimed at expressing gratitude to both new and existing customers for their continued support over the years. This initiative involves the issuance of a substantial upfront bonus of N20,000 to each customer, credited directly to their bonus wallet. This gesture underscores Smartcash’s commitment to providing added value and rewarding its loyal clientele

The introduction of the N20,000 super bonus by Smartcash represents a unique selling proposition, showcasing the company’s unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional value to both its existing user base and new customers alike. This initiative ensures that all users, whether seasoned or new, can benefit from immediate rewards upon transacting with Smartcash.

Moreover, accessing this generous bonus serves as just the beginning, as customers can unlock further bonuses by engaging in various activities such as paying bills or recharging. With each transaction, users have the opportunity to accumulate additional bonuses, thereby enhancing their overall experience and incentivizing continued engagement with the Smartcash platform.

This multi-tiered approach not only enriches the user journey but also reinforces Smartcash’s position as a customer-centric brand committed to rewarding loyalty and fostering long-term relationships with its clientele.

Carl emphasized the significance of staff support and urged them to capitalize on the Smartcash super bonus. He highlighted that this campaign will redefine digital financial services, offering compelling incentives for both existing and new users to embrace the Smartcash platform..

From Mr Carl

How to Redeem your 20K Smartcash Super Bonus

The full N20,000 Smartcash super bonus can be unlocked and redeemed through cashback, and there isn’t limit to the amount of cashback that can be redeemed daily. Additionally, users can enjoy a daily check-in reward for utilizing the Smartcash app. This cash reward is credited into the main account instantly.

Transactions that qualify to unlock the super bonus are

  1. Purchase of Airtel Airtime or Data Bundles (10% Cash back)
  2. Purchase of MTN, 9Mobile, and glo Airtime (3% Cash back)
  3. Purchase of Electricity bill (3% Cash back)
  4. Purchase of DSTV, GOTV or Startimes (3% Cash back)

Please note that cash back amount is debited from bonus wallet and credited into your main wallet instantly.

For example, let’s say that you are purchasing an airtime or data bundle worth N1000 from Smartcash. Smartcash will in turn reward you (the customer) with cash back of 10% which is N100. This N100 cash back will be debited from the 20k smartcash super bonus and credited into your main account.

This therefore means that the more transaction you make with smartcash, the more cash back rewards you will be able to redeem from the 20K super bonus.

In conclusion, Smartcash’s introduction of the N20,000 super bonus represents a significant milestone in its commitment to providing unparalleled value and incentives to both new and existing users. With the ability to unlock the full bonus through cashback and enjoy daily rewards for app engagement, Smartcash is not only redefining digital financial services but also setting a new standard for customer-centricity in the industry. As users continue to take advantage of these benefits, Smartcash remains at the forefront of innovation, driving positive change and convenience in the realm of digital finance.


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