Get Airtel Night Plan’s Incredible Data Deals: 1GB For N100

Airtel Night plan, also known as Airtel Night sub, stands out as one of the most affordable data bundles in the market for Airtel users. Remarkably affordable, users can acquire 1GB of data for just 100 Naira or opt for 500MB at a mere 50 Naira. Considering the budget-friendly rates, it becomes a compelling choice, redefining the value of N50 or N100 for users who prioritize data affordability. The Airtel Night plan proves to be a cost-effective solution for those seeking substantial data volumes without breaking the bank.

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Recall that before now, 1.5GB of data was available for purchase at N1000, and Airtel users enrolled in plans like Youth Kool Max or Smart Connect enjoyed a doubled bundle, receiving 3GB in total. However, the landscape has shifted, with the same data allotment now priced at N1200 by Airtel. This adjustment can be attributed to currency devaluation and the escalating cost of living within the country. These economic factors have necessitated revisions in pricing structures across various services, including data bundles, to accommodate the prevailing economic conditions.

Let’s not talk about that, but instead, stay tuned as we explore more about Airtel Night bundles and how to subscribe to it.

Below, we will be answering 5 most frequently asked questions regarding the Airtel Night subscription. See the table below!

About The Airtel Night Live Bundles

As the name implies “Airtel night plan” are data plans mainly utilized for Night browsing only. These plans are much more cheaper than the standard data plans which can be used both in the day and Night hours.

The Airtel Night life bundles cater to individuals who enjoy surfing the internet during nighttime, either due to unstable network coverage during the day or because of the affordability of the data bundles. These bundles are exclusively accessible to Airtel Smart Trybe subscribers, offering them a cost-effective solution for nighttime browsing needs. Whether it’s for work, entertainment, or staying connected with friends and family, the Airtel Night life bundles provide an economical option for users to make the most of their internet usage during the night.

How to Do Airtel Night Sub

Talking about eligibility, every Airtel user has the opportunity to acquire the smart trybe Night life bundles, regardless of their current tariff plans.

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The straightforward process involves dialing *412*3# to purchase the bundle which is priced at N25 for 250MB.

What adds to the convenience is the flexibility to accumulate the bundle by simply repeating the dialing process, i.e dialing *412*3# all over again. You can repeat the process (4x or more) to buy up to 1GB DATA or more for the night. The repeat process will allow you purchase the desired amount of data you want for the night-time internet activities.

However, to unlock the comprehensive benefits of the Airtel night plan, such as access to unlimited bundles, users must first migrate to the Smart Trybe plan, which gives way to other enticing features and exclusive offers during the night time browsing sessions.

To migrate to Smart Trybe, dial *412# and select 1 to continue with the migration process. When you are done, a pop up message will appear telling you that you have successfully migrated to the plan.

Now dial *481*2# to access the unlimited bundle which is valid for 3 hours during the Night hours only.

NOTE: In a more recent research, we found out that the Airtel unlimited bundle is no more in existence. It has been discontinued.

How to Check Airtel Night Plan Balance

To check your remaining Airtel night plan balance, simply dial *323#. Upon request, your data balance will be promptly sent to you via SMS, ensuring you stay informed about your usage without any delay.

However, if otherwise you get a message like “Dear customer, You do not have an active data plan.” Do not panic, just turn on your mobile data and start browsing… That is a system error.

Does Airtel Night Plan Affect Normal Data

Airtel Night plan does not in any way affect your purchased Normal Data plan.

The Airtel Night plan operates independently and does not interfere with any existing normal data plan that you may have purchased. In fact, if you already have an active normal data bundle when you subscribe to the Night plan, the Night plan usage takes precedence. This means that the Night plan data will be deducted first, and only after you have exhausted it will your normal data bundle be utilized during the night.

Night plans are consumed in the night at the specified time while Normal Standard data plans are always available for usage both in the day and night unless it expires.

When Does Airtel Night Plan Start and End?

Airtel users are only allowed to use Night Sub from 12AM (Mid-Night) to 5AM Prompt. After this time, it expires and no longer usable the next night unless another is purchased.

Does Airtel Night Plan Roll Over?

No, the Airtel Night plan does not carry over to the next night. Instead, any additional purchases made accumulate, meaning that users can stack multiple Night plans. However, it’s crucial to note that regardless of the accumulated amount, all plans expire simultaneously at the same night and at designated time of 5 AM.


1. How do I subscribe to Airtel Night bundles?To subscribe, simply dial *412*3#. Alternatively, you can use the Airtel Africa app or visit the Airtel self-care portal to choose your desired Night bundle.
2. What are the specific Night bundle options available?Airtel offers 1GB for N100 and 500MB for N50 as Night bundles. These affordable options cater to users seeking cost-effective data solutions during off-peak hours.
3. When does the Airtel Night plan start and end?The Night plan typically starts from 12:00 AM and concludes at 5:00 AM. It provides users with a window during these off-peak hours to maximize their data usage without affecting their regular plans.
4. Can I use the Airtel Night plan during the day?No, the Night plan is specifically designed for usage during the allocated night hours. Attempting to use it during the day will result in regular data charges.
5. Is the Airtel Night plan available to all Airtel users?Yes, the Airtel Night plan is accessible to all Airtel subscribers. Regardless of your tariff plan, you can enjoy the affordability and data benefits provided by the Night bundles.

In conclusion, Airtel Night plans provide a cost-effective solution for users who prefer to explore the internet during the nighttime hours. With affordable bundles and exclusive features like unlimited options for Smart Trybe subscribers, Airtel ensures flexibility in catering to diverse data needs. It’s important to remember that Night plans do not carry over to the next night but accumulate upon purchase, all expiring promptly at 5 AM. This distinction, coupled with the availability of standard data plans for day and night usage, empowers Airtel users to modify their data consumption to their specific preferences and schedules. Stay connected, stay informed, and make the most of their data plans.


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