Youth Kool Max AKA Airtel Ovajara Comes with 4 Banger Bonuses

Airtel Youth Kool Max, Enjoy an Ovajara bonus today.

Airtel Networks Limited has launched the latest tariff plan “youth Kool max”, which is now the default plan for new Airtel subscribers. This plan rewards customers with an 8x reward offer, which is similar to the smart connect tariff plan. However, the charges for voice and data services are different from the previous default plan smart connect.

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youth Kool max is the latest Airtel default tariff plan succeeding smart connect and it comes with ovajara bonus plan for prepaid customers, offering 8 times more rewards on every recharge.

Enough has been said already, without any further delay let\’s explore the tariff plan in full details

Youth Kool max All Time Benefits

  • N1000 welcome Bonus
  • 8x recharge Bonus
  • Smartcash Bonus
  • Double Data Bonus

N1000 Welcome Offer:

Just like MTN yafun yafun and GLO berekete 10x, Airtel also rewards customers with a welcoming bonus of N1000. This is as a thank you bonus for choosing Airtel among it’s competitors. However, the welcome bonus can only be used for Airtel to Airtel calls. This simply means that you can not make call to anybody outside the Airtel Networks. Additionally, the bonus is a one-time offer, it is valid for one week and does not roll over or accumulate as you recharge. To check bonus balance dial *310*1#.

Airtel Ovajara (8x Recharge Benefits)

The rewards coming from this tariff plan is massive. Did you know that this tariff plan also reward customers eight times (8x) recharge benefits? Yes! just like MTN yafun yafun, customers are given (8x) recharge benefits which is also known as Airtel Ovajara.

The Ovajara bonus is further split into three parts: 200% for Airtel to Airtel calls, 200% for national calls to any Nigerian Networks and 400% for web browsing. It is almost the same as Smart Connect which is currently no more. After recharging your line, dial *310*1# to check the bonus balance.

See table below!

(Airtel to Airtel)
Bonus (Airtel to other Networks)PAYU DATA allowance
Airtel ovajara bonus

Smartcash Bonus

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Airtel Smartcash has gained wide recognition in providing financial inclusion in Nigeria. The Airtel subsidiary (smartcash) is offering a 100% airtime bonus for both new and existing Airtel customers if only you recharge your line via the smartcash mobile app or using their USSD code *939#. Click to learn more about Airtel Smartcash.

Double Data Bonus (100% Data Offer)

One of the outstanding offer available on the Airtel youth Kool max tariff plan is its 100% data bonus on purchased data plans but terms and conditions are applied.

Customers who purchase data bundles ranging from N50 to N4000 will receive the double data bonus. As a result, the double data bonus offer will not be rewarded if you purchase a data plan worth N5000 and more. The double data offer is not also given on purchase of social bundles.

Additionally, you must buy your data via USSD code: *312# to get your 100% Data offer. Buying Data from smartcash or any third party vendors will not add the additional 100% data bonus to your balance. The bonus is valid in accord to the purchased plan and roll over if the same data bundle is bought again before the previous expires!

This bonus is applicable for four months from the date of registration and activation of your new SIM card i.e you will continue to receive the double Data offer for four (4) months and after that, this offer will cease to exist on your line. However, the Ovajara Bonus will still be there. There are other Data offers you will be eligible to purchase when this 100% data offer cease, so do not panic!

How to Opt-in For Youth Kool Max (Airtel Ovajara)

To enjoy these bonuses, follow the steps below:

  • Purchase a new Airtel SIM card
  • Register the SIM at an Airtel KYC registration point
  • Insert the SIM into your phone
  • Recharge to start enjoying your ovajara bonuses

Please note that newly welcomed Airtel subscribers will only be able to take advantage of the Airtel Ovajara benefits for 180 days (6 months), and after that, the Ovajara bonus will cease on their lines. However, You can still opt-in for this bonus package again by dialing *544# if you so desire to return back to this plan.

Can Existing Customers Migrate to Youth Kool Max AKA Airtel Overjara?

Yes! Existing Airtel subscribers can switch to the Airtel ovajara plan by dialing *544#. “youth Kool max” is the tariff plan and Ovajara is the bonus package.

Nonetheless, when you switch to Airtel\’s ovajara plan via the USSD code *544#, you’ll exclusively benefit from the 8x reward offer, missing out on additional promotions like the double Data bundle and the 1k instant bonus offers, which are exclusively for new subscribers.

Airtel Ovajara Call Rate Charges

The Airtel youth Kool max has three account balance settings: main account, bonus account, and new SIM activation account, each of which is charged differently for calls. Charges are made at the rates of N21.6/min (36k/sec) for the main account, N46.2/min (77k/sec) for the bonus account, and N49.8/min (for the activation bonus).

Additionally, Airtel youth Kool max charges on this accord. Your first minute call of the day is charged first from your main account while subsequent calls are deducted from the bonus accounts.

How about Pay as you go (PAYG), you ask?

Pay as you go (PAYG) data charges range from N3/MB when charged from the main balance to N10/MB when charged from the bonus account.

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Highlighting the basic facts on youth Kool max tariff plan

As you have so far explored this article, you can see clearly that Airtel youth Kool max is one of the best tariff plan available on the Airtel Network despite the call rate charges.

Airtel youth Kool max which is currently the default plan for airtel prepaid customers offers the afforementioned ovajara bonuses which include the 8x reward offer, a double Data bundle offer, 1k instant airtime bonus that comes with the sim and others as claimed by the Telco firm, Airtel Networks limited.

Join now!

The “youth Kool max” plan from Airtel Nigeria Limited provides both new and existing consumers with a number of advantages. The 8x reward offer, double data bundle offer, and N1,000 immediate airtime incentive make this plan a perfect choice for individuals searching for a cost-efficient and value-packed telecom plans. So don’t delay—change to “youth Kool max” right away and start reaping the rewards.


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