Best airtel tariff plan for calls

If I may ask, what is the best Airtel tariff plan for calls? What will be your response? Would you say that it’s the default plan youth Kool Max which was formerly Smart connect because of high bonus offers, or will you choose smart trybe because it renders lower call rate charges.

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We\’ll find out soon enough!

Looking forward to know the best Airtel tariff plan for calls… Prior to delving into the details, we’d like to clarify that on this page, we will outline all Airtel tariff plans and provide minute-by-minute charge calculations to illuminate the cheapest Airtel call plans.

Cheapest Airtel Call plans

Telecom quest disclaimer

We’ve just presented a lineup of five Airtel tariff plans, which we will elaborate on in the section below. To view this list, simply dial *121*5# to confirm.

  • Smart connect
  • Smart trybe
  • Freedom plan
  • Smart talk
  • Smart value

Though there are other tariff plans available on the Airtel network, such as Airtel Youth Kool Max, Airtel Big Family, and so on. However, our recommendation of the best airtel tariff plan for calls will be based on the five most popular tariff plans listed above. Let’s begin with…

Smart Connect (No more Available)

Airtel smart connect is the only airtel tariff plan that offers a recharge bonus. This plan provides users with a whopping 700% bonus, but stand back and collect all of their bonuses due to a higher call rate charge.

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Airtel Smart connect permits users to use 400% out of the 700% bonus for call purposes. Furthermore, Only 200% of the 400% can be used to call the Airtel network, the remaining 200% can be used to call other networks.

Charges on the primary account: 25k/sec
charges on bonus account: N1/sec

This means that, if you recharge N100, you will receive N400 for call purposes. You will be charged 25k/sec on your main account, which is equivalent to 6.67mins. You will also be charged N1/sec on your bonus account, which is approximately 6.67mins.

6.67mins plus 6.67mins equals 13.34mins.

Therefore, If a smart connect user recharges N100, he/she has approximately 13minutes, 34 seconds to put calls across.

Smart trybe

Airtel Smart trybe, on the other hand, charges 25k/sec for the first fifty (50) seconds of a call and 11k/sec for subsequent calls. There is no bonus airtime for subscribers because they offer a lower call rate. As a result, if a user recharges N100 to be used for one-day. This is calculated thus,

The first 50 seconds of the call are at 25k/sec, which is equivalent to N12.50. So we have N100-N12.50=N87.50, which will be charged at 11k/s.

N87.50 charged at 11k/sec equals approximately 13.26 minutes.

For a N100 recharge, a user has approximately 13.26min+50sec=13.76minutes.

Freedom plan

Freedom plan charges 12k/sec for calls to all Nigerian networks and also rewards customers with a 10% cashback bonus, which is charged at 50k/sec. The bonus can only be used to make calls to Airtel customers.

Furthermore, if a subscriber to this plan recharges N100 at a rate of 12k/sec, this equates to 13.89 minutes. Keep in mind that N10 airtime bonus is the reward for recharging N100. This is charged at a rate of 50k/sec. This equates to 20 seconds of phone calls.

Therefore, 13.89min+20sec=14.09minutes.

Smart Talk

Airtel Smart Talk charges 11k/sec for all national calls. This service requires a daily access fee of 7 Naira. Thus, if you recharge N100 and plan to finish it within a day, the minutes you have are calculated.

N7 for access fee: 100 – 7 = N93 N93 charged at 11k/sec = 14.08minutes.

Smart value.

Smart value is a nice plan that does not reward users with bonuses but does provide access to a flat rate of 15k/sec calls to all Nigerian networks.

If a subscriber recharges N100, the number of minutes of calls allowed is 11.11 minutes.

Recommended as the best airtel tariff plan for calls

The above calculations clearly show that the Freedom plan is the best airtel tariff plan for calls because it offers one second calls over smart talk. However, we recommend Smart Talk over it!

Why do we recommend Smart talk as the best airtel tariff plan for calls?

Smart talk calls are made to all networks in Nigeria, while national calls are splitted under the freedom plan. Only 9% of total airtime (bonus + main balance) can be used to call Airtel users, while the remaining 91% can be used to call all networks.

However, we only recommend Smart Talk as the best airtel tariff plan for calls only to users who make lots of calls. As a result, if your daily call budget does not exhaust a N100 airtime allowance, opt in for the freedom plan.


In addition to what has already been stated, the calculations above are only an estimate of what you will receive if you use the tariff plans mentioned above.

Furthermore, we did not include “VAT” charges in the above calculations because each airtel tariff plan charges VAT differently. As a result, if VAT charges were included, the minutes of calls on each tariff plan will be reduced accordingly!

Please note that this article only discloses the best airtel tariff plan for calls. In the next update, we will look at the best airtel tariff plan for data purposes. Stay always tuned.


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