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How to generate virtual NIN (VNIN)
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The Virtual NIN (VNIN), verification log details, User IDs, and QR codes within the MWS Mobile app collectively form what is known as a NIN token. Essentially, these components serve as a covert representation of an individual’s National Identification Number (NIN). The primary motivation behind the development of NIN tokens is to enhance the security of people’s data privacy.

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Instead of exposing the actual NIN during registration or verification processes, individuals can opt for the digital NIN tokens, such as the Virtual NIN. This innovative approach allows individuals to employ unique digital representations of their NIN, enhancing privacy protection compared to presenting the actual NIN itself.

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What are Virtual NINs

The Virtual NIN is a sixteen-character alphanumeric token, such as BH123456789000CD. This alphanumeric token serves a versatile purpose, allowing individuals to perform any form of registration permitted by their NIN. Whether engaging in governmental processes, financial transactions, or other official registrations, the virtual NIN provides a streamlined and secure avenue for individuals to validate their identity. Its usage extends to diverse registrations, demonstrating its flexibility and adaptability within the framework of authorized NIN-associated activities.

The virtual NIN (VNIN) shares characteristics with a recharge pin. For example, a single recharge card cannot recharge a line more than once; attempting to do so results in an error message stating, “This card has already been used by you or by another customer.” Similarly, telecom agents cannot register multiple SIM cards using a single virtual NIN. This restriction is in place to maintain security, ensuring that each Virtual NIN is dedicated to a single SIM card registration, aligning with the protocols established to safeguard against misuse and unauthorized activities.

In contrast to the previously explained used recharge pin, Virtual NINs expire within 72 hours if they are generated but remain unused.

Moreover, each Virtual NIN is allocated a prefix for distinguishing between telecom providers. MTN VNIN is associated with the “MX” prefix tag, Airtel with “BH,” GLO with “GG,” and 9mobile with the “ST” prefix. This assigned prefix facilitates agents in identifying the telecom firm to which a specific Virtual NIN belongs.

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Additionally, Every enterprise Virtual NIN is exclusive to its respective enterprise registration. This implies that a generated MTN VNIN cannot be utilized for Airtel SIM registration, and the same principle applies to other networks.

How to Generate Virtual NIN for Sim Card Registration.

There are mainly two ways that VNIN can be generated and they are: Via the use of USSD code and the use of MWS Mobile ID app.

USSD Code Method

in order to generate VNIN via the USSD code, an enterprise ID is required. Below are the enterprise IDs for each telecom company

Telco EnterprisesAgent Code/Enterprise IDs
you can find these IDs on NIMC mobile ID app

Steps to generate Virtual NIN

  • Dial *346#
  • Enter option 3 (Virtual NIN)
  • Enter your 11 digit NIN number
  • Input the enterprise ID also known as Agent code

Alternatively, you can dial a one time code in the format: *346*3*NIN*Enterprise code# e.g *346*3*12345678900*970611#

Upon request, your Virtual NIN (VNIN) will be delivered to you through SMS. It’s important to be aware that there is a charge of N20 for each VNIN generated through USSD. While generating multiple VNINs is permissible, it’s essential to utilize the previously generated VNIN before requesting another. Failure to use the previously generated VNIN will result in the system displaying the same VNIN as before and still incurring the N20 charge.

In rare cases, an error message such as “RECORD NOT FOUND” may appear when attempting to generate a Virtual NIN. This error occurs when the NIN submitted for VNIN generation does not exist in the system. It is advisable to carefully check the 11-digit NIN number and ensure accurate input. If the error persists, it indicates that your NIN itself is invalid and requires validation. For assistance, please visit the nearest NIMC office.

Generating Virtual NIN with MWS Mobile ID App

You can also generate your VNIN with NIMC mobile App.

Steps to follow

  • Install the App from Google play Store or App store
  • Login the app with your 11 Digit NIN number
  • Confirm OTP sent to the Phone number linked to your NIN. i.e during NIN enrollment
  • Enter any 6 digit Pin of your choice and confirm the pin as well.
  • Enter the same pin to login
  • Click on get Virtual NIN
  • Click on Search approved enterprises
  • Select the enterprise to generate VNIN

Basic Highlights on what is discussed So Far

  • Virtual NIN can only be used once per single registration
  • It expires within 72 hours (3days) if not used
  • Each enterprise Virtual NIN is given a unique prefix tag as a means of differentiation.
  • It helps guard against the cloning of NIN during registration thereby preventing the multiple registration of sims most especially
  • VNIN can be generated in particularly two ways: USSD and mobile app.
  • Through the USSD method, it’s possible to generate a VNIN using any SIM, even if it doesn’t belong to you, as long as the sim has a balance of at least N20, and you are utilizing your NIN for the generation process.

Wrapping Up

Opting for Virtual NIN (VNIN) emerges as the most secure method for registering a new SIM card. This innovative technology plays a pivotal role in mitigating the risks associated with NIN cloning during SIM activation. By introducing the concept of VNIN during registration, the potential for unauthorized duplication of National Identification Numbers (NIN) is significantly diminished.

One of the key advantages of VNIN lies in its ability to curtail the registration of multiple SIM cards on a single customer’s NIN. This strategic measure acts as a deterrent against fraudulent activities, ensuring that each customer\’s NIN is distinctly associated with a specific SIM card. The implementation of VNIN not only fortifies the security of the registration process but also aligns with contemporary efforts to bolster data privacy and prevent identity-related crimes.

As technology continues to evolve, the incorporation of VNIN in SIM registration stands out as a proactive step toward enhancing the overall security framework. It serves as a robust safeguard against potential threats and reinforces the integrity of the registration process, offering users a more resilient and secure means of activating new SIM cards.


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