The Ugly Truth About Truecaller: 4 FAQs Answered

How Truecaller Identify names of Callers

You’re looking for a way to identify your callers, so you download Truecaller app and install it on your phone. Is this mobile app worth that effort?

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We’ll find out soon!

Without any further ado, let’s delve into the topics below that will help us understand better.

The Primary Function of Truecaller

Truecaller is a smartphone application that helps users identify incoming calls from unknown numbers. It provides a caller identification service, allowing you to see the name and sometimes even a profile picture of the caller, as long as that information is publicly available or shared by other users of the app. The app also includes features like call blocking, spam detection, and a community-driven directory of contact information. It is a useful tool for filtering unwanted calls and managing your contacts.

The application provides both free and premium memberships. With the free membership, you’ll encounter advertisements which are not intrusive whereas the paid version is ad-free. Opting for the premium membership grants you enhanced spam blocking, increased contact requests, and visibility into profile viewers.

To get started with the service, users simply need to input their phone number. Subsequently, the app utilizes the contacts app to populate its phonebook and enhance its spam database.

How does Truecaller identify caller IDs

One question we are about to answer now is how does Truecaller identify caller IDs? This is a big question that when answered directly may keep you in a confusing state. But we will try as much as possible to break it down to a more simpler term!

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Truecaller app identifies callers through a combination of methods. When a user installs the Truecaller app and grants it access to their contacts, the app uploads and syncs the user’s contact list to its servers. This helps Truecaller create a database of phone numbers and associated names.

Additionally, the app also collect information from public directories and social media profiles. When a call comes in from an unknown number, the app matches the incoming number against its database and displays the likely caller’s name, if available. This process relies on crowdsourced data and user contributions to continuously improve the accuracy of its caller identification service.

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To further clear the air,

When you install the app on your phone, you must sign up with your phone number. The following page will ask you to sign up using your Facebook account, Google or manually enter your information like your first and last name. This is your profile; you may upload an image of yourself if you want to. However, if you choose to sign up with other methods like your Facebook account or google, your profile will be created using your account info.

The app will then ask for permission to access your phonebook and to draw over other apps on your phone. This is not the only permission requested, but it is the primary.

Your profile name will be used as your caller ID. As a result, if you call someone, the name on your profile will be displayed to every other user (if not already saved in user contact list).

this leads us to the next question: What if I do not have a registered profile with Truecaller, would they still be able to fetch my name?

The answer is yes! Truecaller do not only suggests names from it community profiles but also from each registered user phonebook data.


lets say I have four friends A, B, C, D, that are using trurcaller on their phone. These four friends has my number stored on their device as: Promise airtel, Promise school, Promise best friend, and Promise sim respectively. Since this four people has given truecaller the access to their phonebook, the app then scan through and discover my number and the name associated with it (names they saved my number with).

Now anytime I call somebody else that is also using the truecaller app, Truecaller will then use it machine learning algorithm to match my number with the name Promise as it has gotten so far from the phonebook of its users. This way, Truecaller discloses my dentity to anyone I call without me using the app in person.

Also Note that Truecaller app can access your phonebook and display caller identity based on the names in your contact list as well.

How does Truecaller identify spam Calls

Truecaller identifies spam callers through a combination of methods. It maintains a vast database of phone numbers and their associated information, gathered from user submissions and publicly available sources. When a call comes in, Truecaller compares the incoming number against its database of reported spam numbers. It also uses algorithms to analyze call patterns, such as high call volumes from a particular number, to flag potential spam.

Additionally, Truecaller takes advantage of user-reported spam numbers and feedback to improve its spam detection capabilities. If multiple users report a specific number as spam, it’s more likely to be flagged as such for other users as well.

Therefore, the app’s ability to identify spam callers relies on a mix of data aggregation, algorithms, and community input.

Is this app worth the installation?

The primary drawback of both the application and its service is the concern regarding privacy, security, and intrusion. In fact, there have been allegations placed on Truecaller for publicly exposing user data but the company has defended itself and stated that data protection is at its foremost priority.

Nonetheless, before using the application, you must agree to permit the application to access your phonebook and messaging app which is still invading someone’s privacy.

However, installing Truecaller depends on your preferences and priorities. Truecaller is a popular app that helps identify and block spam calls. If you’re so concerned about unwanted calls and call identification features, and see less of privacy, it could be useful for you.

Truecaller and Recycled Phone Number

We’re all aware that domant phone numbers are often recycled. This is done to keep the telecom business rolling forward. Instead of having lots of inactive users, telecom companies recycle these phone numbers and give it out to users who will continue using the number. This way, they keep on accumulating profits from that same number. This is business!

As a result, when a subscriber register and activate a new sim that was recycled, you may likely see another name instead of yours associated with your newly registered phone number in the Truecaller app. This may be due to the fact that a user must have previously used that number to register a profile on the app or the name was suggested through the crowdsourcing of names as learnt so far from this article.

Truecaller does not directly integrates into the database of all telecommunication companies especially MNOs operating in our country but rather depends on data gathered from its community and user phone directory of which may occasionally leads to displayimg fake caller identity.

Can I update the name my number is saved as in truecaller App?

It will take sometime before Truecaller app can learn and understand the current situation and update the data it has already about a particular phone number. However, you can assist the app and make it learn more quickly by:

  • Installing the Truecaller App first on your phone
  • Creating a new profile with the newly registered line using your name.
  • Asking your friends to save your phone number (especially the ones with Truecaller app installed on their phone).
  • There is a feature called “suggest a name” on Truecaller. Ask friends to use it and update the existing name.

This few steps may help override the existing information in its database and your name will appear from next call.

Don’t stop using Truecaller!

We are not discouraging anyone from using the Truecaller application in any way. Instead, we are simply providing everyone with the information they need to know before installing the application.

If this piece of writing was helpful to you, please share it with others, so they too can understand the concept of this popular caller identification app.


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