Six (6) Best Airtel Tariff Plans and Their Migration Codes

airtel tariff plans and benefits

When was the last time you sat yourself down and select an Airtel tariff that is suitable for you. We are always good at recommendations given to us from someone. And before giving it another thought of migrating out of that tariff plan maybe another person might have persuade us to. I know that we sometimes have a difficult time deciding on the best airtel call tariff plans. We all want the best, such as a lower call rate and huge call/Data bonuses. Instead, we get the inverse: a higher call rate charge accompanied by larger bonuses.

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There is no airtel tariff that is not considered when it comes to selecting a tariff plan. All Airtel tariff plans are just suitable for one business or the other. For sure we all have different needs to satisfy. e.g Mr A may consider using airtel for national calls, Mr B for international calls while Mr C may use it for data and internet purposes only. One tariff plan can not satisfy all these needs. This is the reason why different airtel tariff plans were designed.

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Additionally, tariff plans determine the call rate charge and also cater for rewards given to customers. So now, are you ready to choose that tariff plan that is best for you?

If you are, then this article will only guide you to make a better choice. In this article, we will provide you with the list of Airtel tariff plans as well as the bonuses you will get from each, call rate charges and their migration codes.

List Of Airtel Tariff Plans and Their Migration Codes

There are six Airtel tariff plans we’d like to explore in this post, as outlined below. Each of these plans offers distinct advantages over the others, with subtle variations.

  • Smart connect
  • Smart trybe
  • Freedom plan
  • Smart talk
  • Smart value
  • Smart premier

The Airtel tariff plans mentioned earlier can be accessed by dialing the code *121*5#. While there are additional plans such as Youth Kool Max and Airtel Big Family, in this discussion, we’ll focus on those that have a larger customer base.

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Please be advised: If you’ve identified your preferred Airtel tariff plan and wish to switch, please keep in mind the following: there will be a charge of N100 for leaving your current plan, and any existing bonuses will be forfeited. To check the Airtel tariff plan you are currently enrolled in, simply dial *121*3*5#.

1. Airtel smart connect

Smart Connect is a default Airtel tariff plan that offers a 700% bonus on all recharges. It is the default plan for new customers. Existing subscriber can also migrate to this tariff plan. However, to enjoy the full benefits of this tariff plan, you will need to go get a new Airtel sim card.

Smart Connect charges 25k/s for calls on the main account, and N1/s is charged from the bonus account. The main account is charged for the first-minute call of the day. Subsequent calls are charged from the bonus account unless the bonus has been exhausted. However, this tariff plan is no more in existence and have been replaced by youth Kool max.


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2. Smart trybe

Smart Trybe is one of the tariff plans available on the Airtel Nigeria network that provides lower call rates.This plan charges 25k/s for the first 50 seconds of a call and 11.26k/s for subsequent calls.

Added advantages

You can buy night live bundles from 12 a.m. to 5 a.m. Bundles include N25 for 250MB and N50 for 500MB. Most suitable for night browsing lovers.


3. Freedom plan

Freedom plan is yet another tariff plan that offers something spectacular. Enjoy a flat rate of 13.3k/s calls to all Nigerian networks, no extra charge on the first-minute call of the day, no access fee, and no hidden charges.

You will also receive an additional 10% airtime bonus on any recharge. This 10% airtime bonus can only be used to call airtel users.


4. Smart talk

Airtel smart talk is another plan that offers a lower call rate of 12.26k/s. This plan is recommended for businesses that makes lots of calls. Consider how much airtime you could save by utilizing this service.
However, an access fee of N10 will be deducted to activate this service. Keep in mind that if you do not make a call with your line within a day, you will not be charged an access fee.


5. Smart value

This plan gives you access to call all Nigerian networks at a flat rate of 15k/s. There are no access fees charge or hidden charges of any kind.


Airtel smart premier

Airtel Smart Premier is also known as ” the all in one plan.” This plan is more like a bundle plan with rich bouquet offers! It is divided into two sectors: Smart Premier Platinum and Smart Premier Platinum Plus.

Smart premier platinum

This is not a tariff plan; rather, it is more like a bundle plan that rewards users with 600 minutes (10 hours) of calls, including calls to a preferred international destination, 150 SMS, and 8GB of data for the low price of N5,000. All valid for 60 days (2 months).

Smart premier platinum plus

Smart premier platinum is another value added pack that includes 1300 minutes of call time, including calls to your preferred international destinations, 200 SMS, and 20GB of data for N10,000. All Valid for two months only (60 days).


A short Preview

Smart connect*311#25k/s
Bonus: N1/s
Smart Trybe*412#11.26k/s after your first 50 seconds call.
Freedom Plan*152#13.3k/s
Bonus: 50k/s
Smart Talk*315#12.26k/s Access fee of N10 Naira Daily.
Smart Value*314#15k/s
Smart Premier*470#11.26k/s
Airtel Tariff Plans Preview

This article has provided a detailed explanation of six (6) airtel tariff plans, call rates, and also benefits for belonging to any of the tariff plans. In our upcoming article, we will examine the comparisons between each airtel tariff plan. This will help us know the Airtel tariff plan that offers the best call rate. Do not miss out!


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