9mobile 9konfam: Opt-in Now and Enjoy Exciting Rewards!

9konfam tariff plan

Did you know that 9konfam has something better to offer? Wait! before we proceed, let me ask, have you heard about 9konfam?

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Many people believe that 9mobile is lagging behind while other telco companies operating in Nigeria are driving forward with better deals. However, 9mobile has awakened with 9konfam packages, which is their default tariff plan for new subscribers. Don’t forget, 9mobile is a youth friendly brand committed to offer amazing values to Nigerian mobile telephone customers.

This tariff plan offers data bundles reward and 9 times more airtime rewards for every recharge made on your line. It’s similar to MTN yafun-yafun, Airtel youth Kool Max, and Glo Berekete 10x, which also welcome new users to their networks with exciting rewards!

You might be curious to know more about what 9konfam has in store for you. So let’s get started without further delay.

Benefits of 9konfam

The below are the benefits of belonging to this mind blowing tariff plan…

9x recharge benefit

The 9konfam package rewards users with an impressive 9 times the value of all recharges of ₦100 and above. This bonus extends across multiple aspects of mobile usage, including calls to all networks, SMS messaging, and internet browsing. This comprehensive bonus structure ensures that subscribers receive exceptional value for their recharges, making it a sought-after choice among 9mobile users.

This package is further broken down into two distinct components. Firstly, 3 times the bonus value is allocated for all call purposes. This means that when users make calls, they enjoy a tripling of their recharge value, allowing them to communicate more extensively with friends and family without exhausting much of their main balance.

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The remaining 6 times of the same recharge value constitute a pay-as-you-go reward for web browsing. This empowers users to explore the internet at a significantly reduced cost, making it more affordable to access online content, stay updated, and connect with the digital world.

100% data bonus on purchased data bundle.

New subscribers to the 9mobile network are in for an additional 100% data bonus when they purchase data bundles. This bonus is a valuable perk that essentially doubles your data bundle and it\’s only available to new subscribers only, allowing for more extensive data usage.

However, to unlock the double data bundle offer on 9konfam, there’s a requirement in place. To activate the bonus subscribers must ensure that they recharge their account with a minimum amount of N200 or more each month. This monthly recharge commitment guarantees access to the doubled data benefits, making it a straightforward process for subscribers to enjoy this bonus.

Additionally, the 100% data bonus on purchased data bundles isn’t a fleeting offer. It remains accessible to subscribers until the end of the 6th months after the initial activation of their SIM card and it’s valid in accord to the purchased bundle.

₦1000 One-off instant activation bonus available on all new SIM activation.

Telephone users that take a step to join the 9mobile Network will be awarded an instant ₦1000 as a welcome bonus. This bonus comes pre-installed in all 9mobile new sim card and becomes active and ready for use after the sim has been activated and recharged.

The one-off activation bonus is divided into two distinct segments. Firstly, ₦800 of the bonus is allocated for voice calls, allowing subscribers to engage in conversations with friends and family, thereby fostering connectivity. The remaining ₦200 of the bonus is specifically for pay-as-you-go data, enabling users to dive into the digital realm by accessing the internet, staying informed, and enjoying online content.

Can Existing Subscribers enjoy 9konfam bonuses?

So far, we’ve just been mentioning “new subscribers” everywhere on this article and you might like to ask, what about an existing 9mobile customer, Are they not included in this 9konfam package?

Existing customers are not forgotten, they are also allowed to enjoy the benefits of 9konfam tariff plan.

Nonetheless, before an existing subscriber could enjoy these bonuses, they must first migrate from their current tariff plan to 9konfam by dialing *1400#. After the migration process has been completed, existing subscribers are granted free access to a variety of bonuses, enriching their mobile experience.

However, it’s important to note that not all bonuses are available to existing subscribers. Certain default bonuses, such as the N1000 instant one-off bonus and the 100% data bonus, are exclusive to new customers only. These bonuses serve as a warm welcome to those who are just beginning their journey with 9mobile, making their initial experience with the network even more attractive.

Call Rate Charges On 9konfam tariff plan

There is no doubt that a subscriber to any 9mobile tariff plan will always love to know about the call rate charge of his or her plan. Here we’ll present you with the call rate charges on 9mobile 9konfam:

9mobile place a three way charge plan on it 9konfam package, here is how it goes, all outgoing calls will be deducted from the welcome bonus (₦1000 one-off) first, followed by the 9konfam bonus (9 times recharge value) before your main balance.

9konfam charges 75k/sec from the N1000 one-off activation bonus, 26k/sec from main account balance, and calls made from the 9 times recharge bonus are charged at the rate of 78k/sec.

More you should know about 9konfam

  • All voice & data bonus resources are valid for 7 days, except the 100% bonus on data bundles offer activated, which will have the same validity as the data bundle purchased. Bonuses can be queried by dialing *232#
  • Bonuses will cease to exist after six months from time of sim registration except the 9 times recharge benefit.
  • If a subscriber opt out of 9konfam tariff plan, all current bonuses will be revoked except the N1000 one-off activation bonus.


The 9Konfam tariff plan is designed to provide customers with abundant airtime and data benefits upon SIM activation on every recharge. This plan enables customers to maximize their airtime and data purchases, allowing them to connect and accomplish more. Undoubtedly, the 9Konfam tariff plan is loaded with full options! Therefore, let’s all go out and get our 9mobile sim to enjoy the aforementioned packages.


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