Migrate to Airtel Smart Connect & Enjoy a Whopping 8x offer!

Airtel smart connect, the tariff plan with lots of benefits.

Airtel smart connect is the default tariff plan for all Airtel new subscribers. It is obvious that when a customer purchases a new sim card, they expect to receive a welcome bonus. Giving bonuses to subscribers is a great strategy telco companies from around the world uses to attract new subscribers. And Airtel, one of the leading network service provider in the country is doing the same with massive reward offerings!

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Since its acquisition in 2010, Airtel has risen through the ranks. The following are your expectations when purchasing a new Airtel Sim Card.

  • Bonus offer eight times (8x).
  • Double Data offer, which means that every data bundle purchase on the network will be doubled.
  • 39MB of bonuses data with every N100 recharge on the new line. This bonus increases as you recharge more.

Airtel default tariff Plan Benefits

When a subscriber purchases, register, and activate a new airtel sim card, the subscriber will be automatically added to the smartCONNECT tariff plan by default, which offers 8 times airtime benefits, a 100% data bonus on purchased data plans and so much more! Mentioned above.

The bonuses are enticing enough to get anyone started in the Airtel network. But before you swiftly go get the SIM, let us briefly discuss how these Airtel deals function for a better understanding!

8x airtime recharge benefit

The term “8x” simply means that any amount recharged on your line will be multiplied by eight (8). For example, if you recharge N100, you would notice that you now have N800 on your account for calls, SMS, and data services.

Airtel Smart Connect (8x) offer is into three parts: 200% of the bonus can only be used to call Airtel network users, the other 200% can be used to call all available networks in Nigeria, and the remaining 300% can be used to surf the internet. I.e pay as you go (PAYU)

Have you noticed anything?

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Let’s go back, 200% for airtel to airtel calls plus another 200% to call all local networks plus 300% for pay as you go equals 700%. In the real term, if you recharge N100, this equates to N700.

However, you will see an increase of (8x) in your account, which is the 700% in your bonus account plus the amount you recharged. This makes it a (8x) deal.

The table below previews the bonuses rewarded to SMARTCONNECT subscribers!

RechargedBonus (Airtel to Airtel)Bonus (Airtel to other Networks)Data (N)TotalData (MB)
The more you recharge, the more the bonus!

How Smartconnect charges

One of the criteria subscribers checked before migrating to any other tariff plan is the call rate charge, some customers even go deeper to know more about the hidden charges of the tariff plan. For smartconnect, your quest is over! The table below reveal the charges placed on the bonus tier and the main account.

Main Balance ChargeBonus Acct ChargesData (N) Charges
Airtel Smartconnect Charge Rate

Double Data Offer

Airtel Smart Connect is also in charge of awarding users with a 100% Data bundle of any purchased data bundle. This offer is only available to new Airtel subscribers.

The added 100% data bonus is valid in accord to the valid term of the purchased data plan. Moreover, the double data offer will automatically stop after three months of your SIM card usage but other bonuses won\’t stop! This is calculated from time of purchasing your SIM card.

Can An Existing subscriber enjoy SMARTCONNECT Bonuses?

Yes! Existing airtel subscribers can also enjoy the bonuses rewarded to newly registered users! And that can only happen if the subscriber migrate from his/her current tariff plan using the Airtel smart connect migration code: *311#.

However, users who migrate to SMARTCONNECT are not rewarded with a double data bonus as the offer is only available to newly registered SIM cards (new users only).

Airtel Smart Connect, the plan for you, the plan for everyone!

The major offer: (8x) offer and double Data offer is just too sweet to miss out on. Try something new today,  join the smartphone Network to take advantage of the long-awaited bonuses specially made for you!

  • 8x more recharge promotion
  • For each new Data bundle purchased, a 100% Data bundle is added to your Data balance.
  • The call rate to all Nigerian local networks is 25k/sec.
  • The bonus account\’s call rate is N1/sec.
  • The 39MB bonus Data is inactive upon activation, it becomes active when a Data bundle is purchased. This bonus is valid for one day.
  • PayG data has been set as default, which means you will be charged from your main balance if you use up your Data bundle.
  • N15/MB PayG (Pay as you go) data
  • SMS to all Nigerian networks is N4 per SMS, and international messages are charged at the network\\\’s standard rate.
  • You can leave this plan at any time, but all bonuses will be forfeited.
  • Airtel SMARTCONNECT migration code is *311#.
  • Subscribers are allowed to reap the full benefits of the plan for three (3) months. When the three months grace is over, the double data bonus will cease on your line. However, the 8x recharge benefits will still be ongoing along with other benefits.

What more could you ask for?

Airtel Smart connect is so far one of the best tariff plan available with considerable call rate. As learnt from above, it offers a whopping eight times recharge benefits, a 100% data benefits on purchased data plans and many others! Although, the double data offer from smartconnect will cease after three months, there are many other Airtel data deals that are more alluring of which I know you would not like to miss!

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