Cheap Airtel Social Bundles plans

Cheap Airtel Social Bundles and How to Subscribe to it

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The surge in social media usage has prompted telecommunications companies like Airtel to introduce specialized packages known as Airtel social bundles. Social media platforms has evolved into a primary source for the latest updates, trends, and entertainment, they’ve also become lucrative avenues for both marketers and content creators.

In our daily lives, it\’s evident that social media apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, TikTok, and others dominate our phone usage. Recognizing this trend, Airtel social bundles emerge as an ideal choice for frequent social app engagement among Airtel users. This offering allows users to stay connected, informed, and entertained without worrying about excessive data charges.

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What are Airtel Social Bundles

Airtel Social Bundles, aptly named, are exclusive data plans designed solely for social media usage, excluding other web development applications. Airtel Networks Limited categorizes these plans based on specific social media platforms. For instance, if you opt for a Facebook-only plan, it restricts access to other social media platforms like WhatsApp unless a separate data plan is purchased for those.

The validity period of these bundles varies according to the chosen data plan, offering flexibility to users based on their usage patterns. Let’s delve into a few examples to illustrate this and explore the steps to activate an Airtel social bundle of your preference.

How to Activate Airtel Social Bundles

let’s begin with…

Facebook only plans

Airtel’s Facebook-only data plans are exclusively available for borrowing; there isn’t a direct option for purchase. However, users can acquire Facebook plans that come bundled with additional social packs.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to borrow Facebook-only plans from Airtel. Note: You have to be on free mode in order to be eligible to borrow Airtel Facebook plan.

Borrowing Process

  • Login to Facebook using your mobile phone
  • Click on “Buy Now”
  • Select bundle you wish to loan and confirm the transaction.

Also, when you exhaust your data, a pop up message shows up for you to subscribe a bundle. Just click on it and proceed.

By following these steps, you can efficiently borrow Facebook-only data plans, ensuring uninterrupted access to Facebook. It’s important to adhere to any repayment conditions associated with the borrowed plan.

Airtel WhatsApp Plans

Airtel, in line with its commitment that “there is a plan for everyone,” offers diverse options, including specialized WhatsApp Data Plans. These plans are categorized into two distinct offerings: WhatsApp Only and WhatsApp Plus bundles, each catering to specific user preferences.

WhatsApp Only Data Plan:

The WhatsApp only plan is exclusive for WhatsApp-related activities. With this plan, the data allocated is dedicated solely to WhatsApp usage, ensuring that no other application on your phone shares or consumes this specific data pool. This focused approach allows users to stay connected on WhatsApp without worrying about data being used elsewhere.

WhatsApp Plus Bundles:

On the other hand, the WhatsApp plus bundles offer a more comprehensive package. Similar to the Airtel plus bundles, these plans are designed to integrate data benefits with call plans. This integration provides customers with additional talk time, referred to as “Xtra talk time,” enhancing the overall value of the plan. Users opting for WhatsApp plus bundles enjoy the flexibility of both data usage for WhatsApp, and additional talk time for calls.

PriceData VolValidity
₦5010MB+5min1Use alternative method
The table above shows the WhatsApp and WhatsApp plus bundles respectively.

Alternative Method to Buy Bundle

An alternative method to buy WhatsApp bundles:

  • Dial *312#
  • Send 12 (Social bundles)
  • Send option 2 (WhatsApp daily) or 3 (WhatsApp plus bundles)
  • Next, choose the data volume to purchase

Airtel Instagram Bundles

Calling all Instagram users! Airtel Instagram Bundles have been specifically crafted with you in mind. It’s a well-known fact that Instagram consumes data, even when the app is idle. Be sure to check out our guide on how to minimize mobile data usage. Now, you can purchase Instagram bundles on Airtel, starting as low as N100.

check it out

Price TagData VolValidity
Sub Codes
Airtel IG Bundles

Opera Mini Bundles

Airtel\’s generosity shines through as they offer users a monthly reward of 1.5GB of free data, allowing a daily usage cap of 50MB to browse on Opera Mini or the Opera News platform. While this monthly allocation is undoubtedly a welcomed perk, some users may find that the daily 50MB limit is insufficient for their browsing needs, especially for those who wish to explore Opera Mini more extensively.

To address this, Airtel provides an option for users to subscribe to Opera Bundles, offering more flexibility. However, it\’s essential to note that these Opera Bundles come with certain restrictions—video streaming and downloads are not permitted on these bundles. This limitation aims to ensure that the data is primarily used for browsing within the Opera Mini environment, maintaining a balance between user experience and network resource management.

PriceData VolValid period
Sub Codes
₦50100MB7Unknown, use alternative
₦100300MB30unknown, use alternative
Airtel opera bundles

Alternative Method to Buy Opera Plans

  • Dial *312#
  • Send 12 (Social bundles)
  • Send 4 (opera Bundles)
  • Choose whether weekly or monthly and proceed to purchase.

TikTok Bundles

TikTok has rapidly ascended to become one of the most populated and influential media platforms, boasting an extensive array of video and music streams. Its unique short-form content format, coupled with engaging features, has contributed to its widespread popularity. Many emerging content creators are particularly drawn to TikTok, seeing it as a powerful tool to amplify and showcase their talents to a broader audience compared to other social media platforms.

For TikTok users, there\’s exciting news! A dedicated plan has been crafted to enhance your TikTok experience. Check out the table below for details:

Price TsgData VolValidity
Airtel TikTok Bundles

How to Buy TikTok Bundle on Airtel

  • dial *312#
  • Send option 12
  • select 6 (TikTok Bundles)
  • Choose a plan to purchase

Merge Social Plans

Merge Social Plans simply represent the fusion of social plans within the Airtel network. Essentially, these plans bring together two or three Airtel social bundles into a cohesive offering, delivering users a comprehensive and unified social experience. This thoughtful bundling strategy enables users to seamlessly access the advantages of various social platforms under a single plan, simplifying their social media engagement.

let\’s take a look at some of the examples…

Whatsapp plus Facebook Bundle

This plan combines data allowances for both Facebook and WhatsApp. Users subscribing to this plan can seamlessly switch between these popular platforms without worrying about data restrictions.

Data PriceData VolumeValidity
Sub Codes

WhatsApp+Twitter+WhatsApp (WTF)

For users who actively engage across multiple social apps, this bundle merges WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook plans. It offers a well-rounded social experience, ensuring users stay connected and entertained across these diverse platforms.

Data PriceData VolumeValidity (Days)Sub Codes
Data doesn\’t work on any platform other than Twitter which is now X, Whatsapp and Facebook.

Airtel All Social Bundles

Airtel all social bundles allow users to access all social media platforms without any exclusion. This means users can enjoy unrestricted access to popular apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and more. The bundles simplify the user experience by eliminating the need to purchase separate data plans for each social media platform.

Data PricingData AllowanceValid Period
Subscription Coded
₦100200MB5*948# or *991#
Airtel All Social Bundles

Airtel Streaming Plans

Streaming plans are carefully created to make streaming on specific platforms, particularly Airtel TV and BoomPlay, more enjoyable. They are designed to address the increasing desire for consuming digital content. These plans are specifically for users who like streaming movies, TV shows, music, and various forms of multimedia content.

Data PricicingData VolumeValid period (Days)Sub Codes
₦20007GB30See guide below
These plans are designated for streaming on Airtel TV and BoomPlay only.

How to Subscribe Airtel Streaming Plans

  • Dial *312#
  • Enter 12 (social bundle)
  • Input 7 (streaming plans)
  • Select your choice and make your purchase.

Other Airtel plans

PriceData VolumeValidity (Days)Sub Codes
₦500750MB + 1GB YouTube Night + 200MB Spotify + 210MB TikTok + 210MB for Airtel TV14*312*500#
₦5001GB + 1GB YouTube Night + 100MB Spotify + 105MB TikTok +105MB for Airtel Tv7*312*502#

Why Airtel Social Bundles?

Opting for Airtel\’s social bundle emerges as a superior choice when prioritizing the reduction of mobile data usage. Here’s how:

In our guide on minimizing mobile data usage, we highlighted the significance of restricting background-running apps. Given that apps on phones have the tendency to consume data even when not actively in use…

Airtel social bundles come into play as they exclusively function on selected social media platforms. This implies that other applications on your device won’t have the opportunity to consume data, effectively minimizing the overall rate of data consumption.

However, it’s crucial to note that subscribing to Airtel social bundles is most beneficial for individuals who are frequent users of social media applications. This ensures that the Airtel social plans align with your usage patterns, providing an efficient solution for users who prioritize social media engagement.

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