How to Cancel Pay as you go on MTN, Airtel, 9mobile & GLO

Pay as you go, Airtel payu, glo payg, MTN payg and 9mobile pay as you go
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When you’re surfing the web, sometimes your data runs out. To keep going, you’d usually need to get a new data plan. But doing that right away isn’t always possible for some reasons. In situations like this, if you still have some airtime left, you can keep browsing using your credit balance. This handy service is called “pay as you go.”

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Additionally, this service is usually active by default, meaning it’s a preset package that comes with newly purchased SIM cards.

Moreover, Beside activating value-added services or running on a data renewal, this service is one of the reasons why airtime deductions happen on your line. It’s a straightforward solution that keeps you connected even when your data is low.

What is Pay as you go?

Pay as you go is one of the service offered by Telco companies including renowned companies: MTN, Airtel, GLO, and 9mobile that allows customers browse with their airtime balance. This means that immediately a customer turns on his or her mobile data, the airtime balance will be deducted for any data related charges both in the background or foreground of visited applications.

This option however is not recommended by us as charges incurred for this service is actually always higher than purchasing the actual data bundle itself. However, you can opt in for the service if you could not reach out to vend a data plan or your airtime balance is insufficient to purchase a data plan while surfing the web.

What are the charges on pay as you go

Pay as you go charges varies depending on your Network provider.

MTN Nigeria: They charge N3.02 for each megabyte (MB) you use. They aim for clarity, so you know exactly what you’re paying.

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Airtel: Airtel keeps it simple with a charge of N3 per megabyte. Easy to calculate and understand.

Glo: Glo stands out as the budget-friendly option, charging only N1 per megabyte. Great for those who want to save on costs.

9mobile: They have a unique approach, charging 5 Kobo per kilobyte. It’s a bit more granular, so you need to pay attention to your usage.

This means that each 1MB content you view will be charged at the rate of N3 if you are using an Airtel sim, similar process follows for other Networks.

Analyzing these rates, it becomes evident that pay-as-you-go charges are on the high side. For instance, downloading a 100MB content could require more than N300. On the other hand, purchasing a N300 data bundle allows you to download the same content and still have leftover data for other uses.

Why Should I Opt in for Pay as you go

Considering what we’ve said before about the charges incurred on Pay as you go, you might be wondering, why you should activate the service when you know that it will cost you more?

Well, before you rule this service out completely from your mind, you’ll also need to think of why telco firm employed this strategy at the first place…. Here are the few reasons/advantage of using Pay as you go!

Core Reasons:

Unable to Vend A Data Bundle: If you’re unable to reach out to a data vendor, or unable to vend a data bundle by yourself, you can swiftly opt in for pay as you go and continue exploring the internet.

Insufficient Data Balance: While surfing the web, you might have exhausted your data and upon checking your balance you noticed that you have airtime but it isn’t sufficient enough to purchase a data bundle, at the moment, you can quickly opt in for pay as you go and continue browsing with airtime.

Other Reasons

Cost-effective: You only pay for what you use, which can be cheaper if only you rarely use the internet.

No Daily, Weekly or Monthly contract: You have no commitment and can deactivate the plan at any time unlike postpaid plans.

Simple and transparent: Pricing is straightforward with no hidden fees, making it easy to control your spending.

Flexibility: You can customize your usage by purchasing specific bundles or topping up when needed.

How to Opt in for pay as you go

Different Network operators has their varying methods to opt in for the service. However, we are only going to discuss about the four renowned Telco companies in Nigeria.

let’s start with

MTN: To activate MTN’s Pay As You Go service, commonly referred to as PayG, and commence browsing using your airtime, you can effortlessly initiate the process by dialing the code*312*200#.

Airtel: For Airtel users, the service is recognized as PAYU or Free Surf. To enroll in this service, simply dial *400#

GLO: To activate the service on GLO, dial *108*1#, and you’re set to explore. Globacom boasts the most economical pay-as-you-go browsing rates compared to its competitors.

9mobile: To enroll in 9mobile’s Pay As You Go (PAYG), navigate to your messaging app and send ‘YES’ to 1111.

How to deactivate of Pay as you go

Just the way you activated pay as you go, there is also an option to deactivate the service if you do not find it useful. The table below contains the USSD codes to deactivate the service.

EnterprisePAYG Deactivation codes
how to stop PAYG data


To wrap it up, when your internet data runs out while browsing, you can still stay connected using your leftover airtime through the “pay as you go” service. It’s a default feature on new SIM cards and a handy way to keep surfing when getting a new data plan right away isn’t possible. Just know that it also plays a part in why your airtime balance may decrease. Overall, it’s a simple solution for staying online without a hitch.


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