Best MTN Tariff Plan for Calls in Nigeria

Best MTN tariff plan for calls
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Looking for the best MTN tariff plan for calls, search no more as that will be discussed here in full details. However, determining the “best MTN tariff plan” is subjective, as each option presents unique advantages and disadvantages. While I advocate for MTN Xtra Value due to its well-rounded features, it’s crucial to acknowledge that your specific requirements play a role in selecting the most suitable plan for calls on MTN.

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Take, for example, MTN Beta Talk offers enticing airtime bonuses to customers. However, it falls short when it comes to providing airtime and data sharing options. In contrast, MTN Pulse stands out with its lower call rates, appealing to those who prioritize cost efficiency. This plan, though, does not offer airtime bonus allowances. The difference lies in its provision for sharing both airtime and data, enhancing its appeal for users who value this feature.

In this discussion, we will assess all the available prepaid MTN tariff plans, enabling you to select the one that aligns most closely with your preferences and needs.

The List of MTN Tariff plans

In this extended exploration of MTN tariff plans, we will not only revisit the benefits but also dive deeper into the call rate charges, providing you with detailed calculations. Our aim is to equip you with a precise understanding of the cost implications associated with each tariff plan, mirroring the practice employed in our discussion on the best Airtel tariff plan for calls.

It’s important to note that all calculations will be based on a standard N100 recharge, ensuring a consistent and comparative analysis. By examining the call rate charges under these conditions, we can together determine which MTN tariff plan offers the most favorable calling rates, allowing you to make a well-informed decision aligned with your budget and communication preferences.

Find below the MTN tariff plans that will be discussed on this page

  • MTN BetaTalk
  • MTN TruTalk
  • XtraSpecial Prepaid
  • Xtravalue
  • Mpulse
  • Pulse

Dial *123*2# to view the list of MTN prepaid plans.

MTN Beta Talk

BetaTalk is an MTN tariff plan that aims to reward you generously. Every time you recharge from N1 to N999, you receive a 250% airtime bonus and a 250% data bonus. The generosity extends for higher recharges of N1000 and above, where you get a 250% airtime bonus and a flat N2500 for data activities.

When it comes to call rates, BetaTalk charges 73k/sec (equivalent to N43.80/min) from your bonus account. However, there’s a cost advantage during your 1st and 5th minute of each call, with a reduced rate of 33.5k/sec (₦20.10k/min).


MTN Beta Talk rewards customers with N250 for a N100 recharge and charges 73K/sec from N250 bonus.

Therefore in order to exhaust the N250 bonus, a customer needs approximately 5 Minutes 43 seconds.

From the main account, a customer is charged N20.10K/Min. This means that a customer recharging N100 has approximately 4 minutes 58 seconds to make calls.

Adding the both together, we have that a beta Talk customer has 10 minutes and 41 seconds talk time if they recharge N100.

MTN TruTalk

TruTalk is a prepaid MTN tariff plan designed for simplicity. Once you pay a daily access fee of ₦10, you can enjoy a flat rate of 14 kobo per second for calls across all local networks in Nigeria.


Daily access fee = N10

N100 recharge – N10 access fee = N90

Therefore you now have N90 to make call for the day and charged at rate of 14k/sec (N8.40/min).

90÷8.40= 10.71 which is approximately 10 minutes 43 seconds when converted.

XtraSpecial Tariff Plan

XtraSpecial Prepaid is a unique MTN tariff plan designed for simplicity and affordability. With this special plan, you get to enjoy a flat rate of 15 kobo per second for calls to ALL networks within Nigeria. Additionally, there\’s a discounted call rate to seven international countries. For calls within Nigeria, the rate is consistent at 15k/s.

When it comes to international calls, there are two zones: Zone 1, where calls to eligible destinations are charged at 25k/sec, and Zone 2, where the rate is 50k/sec. It\’s worth noting that standard rates apply to calls made to other international destinations.

To put this into perspective, if we calculate based on the 15k/sec rate for calls within Nigeria, customers have approximately 11 minutes and 6 seconds to make calls.


MTN XtraValue plan is a rewarding option that offers airtime for national SMS and calls, as well as international calls to selected destinations, along with substantial data volumes for browsing upon subscribing to any XtraValue Bundle plan.

With XtraValue, users have two choices: XtraTalk, which provides more airtime than data, and XtraData, which offers more data than airtime. For our discussion on calls, let\’s focus on the XtraTalk bundle, emphasizing its reward of more airtime.


Starting at a minimum subscription price of N200, XtraValue grants subscribers a substantial N1000 for calls and 20MB of data. Calls made from the main account and the XtraTalk bundle are charged at rates of N12.30/min and N35.40/min, respectively.

If a user recharges N200 and purchases an XtraTalk bundle, they receive N1000 for calls. The call rate charge on the bonus is 59k/sec (equivalent to N35.40/min), allowing for approximately 28 minutes and 15 seconds of talk time to exhaust the N1000 XtraTalk bundle. If this bundle were available at the price of N100, the call time would be approximately 14 minutes and 8 seconds.

However, if a customer recharges N100 (since the package is not available at that price) or N200 and opts not to subscribe to the XtraTalk bundle, they will be charged at the rate of N12.30/min from the main account for each call. In this scenario, the customer is given approximately 8 minutes and 8 seconds to make calls across Nigeria if he or she recharge N100.

Mpulse Tariff Plan

Mpulse, an MTN tariff plan, is made for students between the ages of 9 and 15. Geared towards providing an affordable communication solution for this demographic, the tariff plan charges calls to all networks in Nigeria at a rate of 15.36k/sec (equivalent to ₦9.216/min).

Adding a touch of celebration, Mpulse sweetens the deal by rewarding a N200 airtime bonus on the customer’s birthday. This thoughtful gesture enhances the overall appeal of the tariff plan, making it a more engaging and enjoyable choice for young users.


For practical considerations, if a customer recharges a minimum of N100, they can expect approximately 10 minutes and 51 seconds of call time.

MTN Pulse

Pulse is a prepaid MTN tariff plan that keeps things simple and affordable. It lets you enjoy a fixed rate of 13k/sec for calls across all local networks in Nigeria after the first 90 seconds of the day, which are charged at 30k/sec.


For the first 90 seconds call of the day, users incur a charge of 30k/sec, amounting to N27 for this initial duration. The remaining N73 is then subject to the more economical rate of 13k/sec, providing users with an extended talk time of 9 minutes and 22 seconds.

Combining both durations, the total talk time under MTN Pulse sums up to an appealing 10 minutes and 52 seconds.

Recommended As the Best MTN Tariff Plan for calls

Through the calculations discussed in this article, it’s evident that Xtra Value stands out as the best MTN tariff plan for calls, offering the highest time allowance, especially when the TalkTime bundle is purchased.

However, it’s essential to note that Xtra Value is particularly suitable for individuals who make frequent calls within a day. This preference is due to the expiration date attached to its TalkTime bundles. For instance, the N200 TalkTime bundle, as explained earlier, comes with a validity period of three (3) days. This means that you need to use the allocated talk time within this timeframe.

On another note, XtraSpecial follows closely as the next in line best MTN tariff plan for calls, providing substantial call time allowances. An additional advantage of this plan is its cost-effective international call rates, making it an appealing choice for those with international calling needs.

For those considering a switch, our guide on how to migrate to any MTN tariff plan can be a helpful resource. As you explore these options, keep in mind your calling habits, preferences, and the need for international calls to make the best-informed choice based on your unique communication requirements.

Do not Forget!

It\’s essential to note that call rate charges within the telecommunications landscape are subject to potential changes over time. As a result, this article will be regularly updated to ensure its information remains current and aligned with industry standards. We understand the importance of providing accurate and up-to-date details to our readers. See our disclaimer policy!

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