MTN Share: A Quick guide on How to share Airtime/Data on MTN

MTN share n sell transfer code

MTN share provides a convenient way for MTN customers to help each other stay connected, especially in situations where individuals may not have immediate access to airtime vendors or payment options. It is particularly beneficial in emergency situations when someone urgently needs to make a call or send a message but doesn\’t have enough credit on their phone.

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An Intro to MTN share

MTN Share formally “share n Sell” enables MTN customers to transfer airtime (phone credit) from their account balance to another MTN customer\’s account, allowing them to share and distribute airtime conveniently. But before you begin, take note of the following…

  • MTN share is not available for “MTN yafun yafun and MTN beta talk” subscribers i.eyou can\’t share if you are on the mentioned tariff plans
  • Minimum single transaction is N50
  • Maximum total transaction per day is N100,000.
  • The maximum number of transactions per day is unlimited. This means you can make several transactions as long as you do not exceed the daily limit of N100,000
  • You can only send money in Naira quantities; you cannot send money in Kobo. For example, you can send NGN50.00 but NGN50.55.
  • 100% of your airtime can be transferred in naira, for instance. If all you have in your balance is N500.99, you can send N500 to a buddy, and your balance will then stay at N0.99.
  • The transaction will not be completed and you will receive an error message if you have an insufficient balance.
  • If you are a postpaid subscriber, you can only transfer airtime while your balance is positive. When your account is negative, you will be unable to transfer airtime (-). Assume your account balance is N -500.00. MTN Share will be unavailable to you.
  • As a postpaid customer, you can transfer 100% of your airtime when your balance is up to N1000.

Now you have the correct idea on how MTN share works. Let’s swiftly take you into the necessary steps on how to share airtime on MTN. The steps are quite simple, but first, you need to create a pin…

How to Create MTN Share Pin

Note: The default pin for MTN share is ‘0000,’ but it cannot be used for sharing. Therefore, you need to create a new pin for sharing. Follow the steps below to create your pin.

  • Dial *321#
  • Press 1(airtime share)
  • Select 2 (Change Pin)
  • Enter old pin. At this point, just input the default pin ‘0000,’ and continue
  • Enter any four digit number of your choice.
  • Repeat same pin for confirmation

You can also change your MTN share pin by dialing a one time short code: *321*Default PIN*New PIN* New PIN# e.g *321*0000*1111*1111#. You will receive a message confirming that your pin has been set successfully!

Please be aware that the above steps is only for customers that haven\’t used MTN share before and still have the default pin set as their transaction pin. However, if you want to change your current MTN share pin simply dial: *321*current pin*New pin*New pin# e.g if your current pin is 1111 and you wish to change it to 1234, you can simply put it this way: *321*1111*1234*1234#.

How to Create MTN Share Pin Without the Default Pin

If you are the type that love following a different route to get things done. Unlike the steps above, you can also follow the steps below to create a pin without using the default pin ‘0000.’

  • Dial *321#
  • press 1 (airtime share)
  • Press 4 (Create pin)
  • Input your email address
  • Select a security question of your choice
  • Answer the security question you chose
  • Enter a new pin, i.e the pin you wish to use for MTN share.
  • Repeat the same pin to confirm and you\’re done.

How to Retrieve your MTN Share Pin if Forgotten

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In the unlikely event that you forgot your MTN Share Pin, you can retrieve it back by following the steps below…

  • dial *321#.
  • press 1 (aitime share)
  • select option 3 (forgot pin) from menu displayed. At this point, your sim reg data will be required. This is to confirm that you are the sole owner of the line.
  • Enter your mother\’s maiden name
  • input your date of birth in the format: yyyy-mm-dd e.g 1999-12-20
  • Enter your state of origin

Please make sure that the information provided align with your SIM REG Data, if not, you will get an error message. However, if the provided info is correct, you will receive a message like, “yello! Your PIN reset request has been received and will be shared with you shortly,” and in a short while, your new pin will be communicated to you via SMS.

How to Share airtime on MTN

Now that you have the requirement “PIN,” you can now proceed to MTN sharing menu. Follow steps below…

  • Dial *321#
  • select option 1 (airtime share)
  • Press 1 again (transfer airtime)
  • Fill in the phone number of the recipient (it must be an MTN number).
  • Enter the amount you wish to transfer
  • enter your MTN share transfer pin. Just like that and you are done.

To make it even more convenient, you can use a straightforward one-time USSD short code: *321*Recipient Phone number*Amount*Pin# e.g *321*07040008888*100*1234#.

MTN Data Gifting & Sharing

In contrast to MTN Share, MTN Data Gifting is just the act of purchasing a Data bundle for a friend. A Data bundle can be gifted in primarily two ways:

  • Transferring/Sharing Data from existing balance
  • Purchasing for a friend.

How to Share Data on MTN

  • Dial *321#
  • select option 2 (Gift data)
  • Press 1 (Transfer from Data balance)
  • Enter the MTN phone number you wish to transfer Data.
  • Select from a list of Data bundles available and send.
  • Press 1 to proceed and confirm

You can also dial a straightforward code: *312*Phone number*Data amount# to share data on MTN.

How to Buy a Data plan for a Friend

  • Dial *321*2#
  • Press option 2 (buy for a friend)
  • Choose which data packages to gift. Are you gifting social bundles, Video pack bundles, or normal Data subscription plans? It’s your choice.
  • Select whether you are gifting a daily, weekly, or monthly bundle.
  • Select the Data bundle size you want to gift.
  • Enter the recipient\’s MTN phone number and continue.
  • Press 1 to confirm your transaction and that’s all.

Difference Between Buying Data for a Friend and Purchasing Data for a Friend

Transfer from data balanceBuy for a friend
The maximum daily transaction is 3GB.You can buy any amount of Data bundle for a friend.
Some MTN tariff plans are restricted. e.g MTN yafun yafun, MTN beta talk.All MTN tariff plans are allowed to gift a Data bundle.
Data validity is same with owner’s purchased plan.Data validity depends on the Data plan purchased.
You must have at least 50MB of surplus data. e.g if you want to transfer 100MB to a friend, you must have up to 150MB of Data.You must have a credit balance to be able to gift a Data plan.
MTN Data Gifting/Sharing do not require a pin to make transactions.

How to Request Data from a Friend

When you run out of cash or have a low balance, you can ask a friend for a Data bundle. This is why the “Request from a friend” service was developed.

Dial *321*2# and select option 3 (request from a friend) from menu to proceed with the data request. The following menu will prompt you to enter the phone number of your friend from whom you are requesting data. That’s all there is to it.

Following that, a message with your phone number will be sent to your friend requesting a Data bundle.


MTN share has enabled MTN users to easily and securely transfer airtime credits to their friends, family, and colleagues, fostering a sense of connectivity and cooperation within the MTN community.

With MTN Share, subscribers can enjoy the flexibility of transferring airtime at any time, from anywhere, without the need for physical recharge cards or vouchers. This service has simplified the process of gifting airtime, allowing users to support one another, especially during emergencies or when in need!


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