How to Share Data on Airtel (100% Working guide) How to gift data also explained

How to share data on Airtel

Want to know how to share data on airtel? Look no elsewhere as we will cover this topic here. On our previous post, we wrote a complete guide on how to transfer airtime, share data, as well as gift data to friends and family on the Airtel network. However, this is a more personalised version of that article.

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Right here on this page, we will look at the all round about how to share data on Airtel, gift data plans and so much more.

Let’s get started…

How does Airtel Data sharing work?

Airtel data sharing or gifting are two similar features but has different characteristics. Data sharing involves giving out a portion of your already purchased data plan to a friend, meanwhile data gifting is simply buying a full package data plan for whoever you want to get it for. 

Having gotten the basic concept, here are few things you’ll have to take note of that best describes how Airtel data share works:

  • The minimum sharing amount is 3MB
  • The maximum data allowed per share is 200MB
  • You can’t share the max data more than once to the same phone number i.e the same phone number can not receive more than 200MB from you the giftee.
  • You can only share the max data (200MB) to two different phone numbers per day
  • Data sharing is only available within the Airtel network I.e you can’t share outside of Airtel
  • Data bonuses and data offers isn’t shareable
  • Data shared is valid as that of the giftee and do not refresh
  • No pin is required to complete the data sharing transaction

Now you’ve gotten the basic understanding of how to share data on Airtel, let’s proceed to the main deal that brought you to this page…

How to share data on airtel from my data balance

It’s very simple, take out your phone…

  • Dial *312#
  • Enter 15 (Data sharing/gifting)
  • Go for option 4 (Data Me2U)
  • Enter 2 (Send me2U from existing allowance)
  • Now enter the Airtel number you want to share data with
  • Enter data allowance
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Instantly, the shared data would be sent to the recipient without delay

Airtel Data Gifting 

Another interesting part about Airtel is the ability to gift data plans. Data gifting simply means purchasing data from your line to another line using your credit balance. 

If you actually can’t share more than (200MB) data from your data allowance, then you can purchase a separate data plan for them. The essence of all this is to help you and your friends stay connected. Nonetheless, before we move to the actual process of how to gift data on Airtel, here are few things you should take note of:

  • Data gifting is only available on Airtel network. You can’t gift outside of Airtel 
  • You can gift any amount of data all depends on the data plan you want to gift
  • Unlike sharing data on Airtel, data gifting requires a pin to complete the transaction
  • You must have sufficient credit in order to able to complete the transaction
  • Gift data is valid in accord to the purchased plan involved
  • You can’t gift Airtel data offers or promotions plans 

How to gift data on airtel

  • Dial *321# 
  • Reply with 2 (gift data(
  • Select option 2 again (data gifting)
  • Make a choice on what type of plan to gift… Is it monthly, weekly or daily plans.
  • Select data bundle to gift 
  • Press 1 to activate and continue
  • Enter the phone number of the recipient 
  • Enter your Me2U transfer pin

How to Create your Data sharing Pin on Airtel

Since gifting of data bundles on the Airtel network requires a pin to complete the transaction. I’m very sure that you’ll like to know your pin. The default and preset pin for all Airtel prepaid customers is “1234.” However, you’ll not be allowed to use this pin, so this calls for a change of pin. Below is a guide…

How to Change Airtel Data Sharing Pin

Before we proceed, have in mind that your choice of pin should consist of four different digit numbers and not a repetitive numbers. E.g you can use 2354, 2580 and not 1111 or 2222. Do not repeat same number.

  • Dial *312#
  • Select 15 (data sharing/gifting)
  • Go for the first option (change pin)
  • Enter old pin (use default pin 1234)
  • Enter new pin (your preferred pin)
  • Confirm new pin (same pin as the previous)

However, if by any chance you’d previously set a pin but forgot your pin, you can reset it back to the default PIN.

How to Reset your Me2U PIN

  • Dial *321#
  • Select option 3 (pin management)
  • Go for option 2 (forgot pin)
  • Enter your 11-digit NIN number to complete the request.

Your Me2U pin will be reset to the default pin “1234.” Remember that the default pin can’t be used, therefore you’ll have to change it. Follow the same guide previously outlined on this page to change it to your preferred choice of pin.

Note: NIN provided must be the same NIN linked and verified to that number. See our guide on how to link NIN to your Airtel line. Additionally, be aware that most at times, while trying to gift a data plan, you may get an error message like “you provided an incorrect pin.” Just call Airtel customer care at 300 for quick resolution if you encounter such.

That’s all there is on how to share data on Airtel and how to gift data on Airtel. Let’s use this medium to check top 5 most frequently asked questions about this topic.

Top 5 most frequently asked questions about Airtel data Me2U 

how do I share data on airtel app

I have personally checked around my Airtel app, and I haven’t seen any button that allow users to share their data plan. All you have to do now is stick to the USSD code method provided above.

how can I share data on airtel to another network

You can’t share data from your Airtel line to another network like MTN, GLO or 9mobile. The data Me2U service is only available within the Airtel network. I.e Airtel to Airtel.

how to share data bonus on airtel

You can only share purchased Airtel bundles. Therefore, if you receive a data bonus from Airtel, it can’t be shared. The data bonus is only meant for your usage but you can share a purchased bundle.

Can I share my Airtel binge data?

No, you can’t share Airtel binge data plan neither can you send it as a gift data plan. You can only share data bundles found under the monthly, weekly, and daily category when you dial *312#

Can I Share edu data on airtel

Airtel edu data isn’t shareable. Edu data is an educational plan for students. You can get this plan on TQ VTU app. However, what you must know is that Airtel edu data has limited internet accessibility.

Can borrowed data be shared on airtel

No. Only purchased bundles can be shared.


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