How to Link NIN to MTN (2024 Best Practices)

How to link NIN to MTN

Are you still stocked around thinking of how to link NIN to mtn? Well you don’t have to be. MTN has several method you can use to link your MTN line. All of which are still active and working. Let’s explore them one after another here…

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How to link NIN to MTN using USSD Code

When asked how to link NIN to MTN, probably you must have gotten the idea on how to go about it already. However, there is more to it. You can link your NIN using virtual NIN (VNIN) and using the actual NIN itself. The two methods still has one purpose to resolve and that is to link NIN.

The below is a step by step guide that will help you Link your MTN Line Using your Actual NIN…

  • Dial *996*1#
  • Reply with 2 (submit NIN)
  • Now enter your 11-digit NIN number
  • You’ll have to consent to update your records with NIN by pressing 1 (accept)

Link your MTN Using Virtual NIN 

The first thing to do is to generate virtual NIN (VNIN). Virtual NIN is a 16 digit alpha-numeric token. E.g MX12 2272 xxxx xxxx. Don’t know how to generate MTN virtual NIN? Click here for the complete guide. Now, let’s proceed to linking an MTN line with Virtual NIN.

  • Dial *996*1# 
  • Reply with 1 (submit virtual NIN)
  • Enter your 16 alpha-numeric MTN virtual NIN

How to link NIN to MTN Using App

Another way you can link NIN to your MTN number is via the web application. The process is very simple and similar to linking NIN to Airtel using mobile app. Follow the steps below…

Download and install App: Before you proceed to linking your MTN line using the mobile app, you ought to have it installed on your device. Please be aware that the app we’ll use for this exercise is MyMTN Web App. Below is a quick guide on how to install the app using Chrome browser.

  • Visit
  • Click on the three dot found on the top right corner of your Chrome browser
  • Scroll down and click on install App to have the mobile app installed on your device

Let’s move forward to the other steps:

  • Now sign in to the app using your MTN Phone Number
  • Verify number ownership with OTP sent
  • On App’s homepage, click on capture NIN
  • Click on complete form button
  • Fill out the form displayed
  • An OTP will be sent to the mobile number you want to link. Just simply enter the OTP code on the next screen
  • On the following screen, click on the submit button and that’s all.
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Note: If your records match with your NIN details, then you are good to go but if at all there is a mismatch of data records, I’m sorry, your NIN will not be linked. In that case, you’ll have to visit the nearest MTN accredited agent to verify and update your records.

How to link NIN to MTN after being blocked

Before was barring of lines and now is a total SIM block. If your line was barred, then surely it is only barred from making outgoing calls. All other activities such as receiving calls, sending/receiving text messages will still be at your service. You can link a barred MTN line by following the already outlined steps in this article provided that your NIN details match with your SIM-REG Data. 

However, if your line has been blocked due to the ongoing NIN-linking exercise, kindly link it up to unblock it. To do that, visit the nearest MTN SIM-REG agent or MTN office to update your SIM records and link it.

NIN-SIM linkage is a must-do process that we must undergo to stay connected. It is a compulsory process, be it a corporate line or an individual line, it must be linked to NIN! Don’t wait till you get barred/blocked, link your line now. You can always check if your line is properly linked by dialing *996#. Learn more about how to verify your NIN-SIM linkage status.


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