How to Activate 1GB MTN Night Plan Bundle at N100: Other cheaper options Available

MTN night plan

In our last post, we talked about how to secure 1GB data at an affordable rate. Now we are moving forward to MTN Night plans which is as well one of the cheapest and affordable data plan for MTN users. 

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Unlike Airtel Night plans, MTN Night Plans offers remarkable data plans, 250MB at N30 and 500MB for N50 only. 

Without any further ado, let’s move straight to what brought you down to this page.

MTN NightLife Bundles

The MTN Night plan, also known as Night sub, is an exclusive offer available to subscribers of the MTN Pulse tariff plan. Unlike other providers like Airtel, where you can purchase a night plan independently of your tariff plan, or GLO, which offers night plans with purchased bundles, MTN’s Night plan is specifically tailored for users on the Pulse tariff. To take advantage of this bonus offer, you need to be a part of the MTN Pulse community, making it a unique and tariff-dependent benefit.

Furthermore, the MTN Nightlife bundles come with a fair usage policy restricting users to a maximum of 2GB of data for a single night. This policy implies that subscribers cannot exceed this data limit in a given night, ensuring a balanced distribution of network resources and fair access for all users.

Additionally, these bundles are exclusively available for usage during late-night hours, providing users with affordable data access during specific timeframes. This fair usage policy ensures equitable access to the service and however prevents excessive data consumption during nighttime usage periods.

How to Activate MTN Night Plan

To activate MTN Night plan bundle, you’ll need to first migrate to MTN Pulse. To migrate, follow the steps below…

  • Dial *406#
  • Press 1 (Join pulse)
  • Press option 1 again to proceed and complete the migration.
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Now that you are done migrating to the MTN Pulse tariff plan,

To activate the Night plan, simply dial *406*3# on your MTN line. This plan offers two options: 250MB for N30 or 500MB for N50.

Moreover, subscribers have the flexibility to purchase MTN Nightlife bundles using Pulse points or their credit balance. If your Pulse points alone are insufficient, you can combine them with your credit balance to make the purchase.

Here is how you go about it….

  • Dial *406*3#
  • Select the bundle you want to buy
  • Choose option 2 (Pulse points only) or option 3 (pulse points + airtime)

If you have sufficient Pulse points to cover the cost of the bundle, you can opt for the “pulse points only” option during the purchase process. However, if your accumulated points fall short of the required amount, you can select the “Pulse points + airtime” option. In this case, MTN will deduct the necessary points from your balance, and any remaining cost will be covered using your available credit balance.

Note: 1 pulse point equals 1 Naira. Dial *406*7*4# to check you pulse point balance.

How to check mtn night plan balance

After successfully purchasing a Nightlife bundle, it’s natural you want to keep track of your data usage. To check your MTN Night plan balance, simply dial *406*3*3# on your MTN line.

This dedicated USSD code allows you to inquire about your usage details, providing information on both the used and remaining bundle balance. By using this quick and convenient method, MTN subscribers can stay informed about their data consumption during the Night plan period, ensuring they have a clear understanding of their remaining data allotment for the night.

Can I buy or share mtn night plan With a friend

Unfortunately, as of now, there is no option available to purchase or share Nightlife bundles with another user on the MTN network. While we still await that this feature to be introduced, it’s currently unavailable.

However, MTN does offer the option to share other types of data plans, specifically the day data elements. For instructions on how to share these data plans, you can refer to our guide on MTN data plan sharing.

What time does mtn night plan start and End

The MTN Night Plan is specifically designated for usage during late-night hours, spanning from 11 PM to 6 AM sharp.

This targeted timeframe caters to individuals who prefer to explore the internet during the nocturnal hours.

It serves as a valuable option for those seeking affordable data plans, offering discounted rates for nighttime browsing activities.

If you find yourself browsing the web during these late hours and are in need of a cost-effective data solution as an MTN user, then MTN Night Plan is an excellent choice to consider.

How to Accumulate MTN NightLife Bundles

You can accumulate MTN Nightlife bundles by repeatedly purchasing the data plan.

However, it’s important to note that there’s a fair usage policy in place, limiting the accumulation to 2GB per night.

This means that within a single night session, you cannot accumulate more than 2GB of data, ensuring fair access and preventing excessive usage. So, while you can repeatedly purchase the Nightlife bundles to accumulate data, you’ll be subject to this usage restriction each night.

how to stop MTN Night Plan auto renewal

MTN do not offer the option for auto-renewal on night plans. This means that subscribers cannot opt in or opt out of auto-renewal for the MTN Night data plan.

Unlike some other plans where users have the flexibility to choose whether they want their plan to automatically renew, the MTN Night plan does not have this feature.

As a result, subscribers cannot request for the plan to automatically renew the next night, nor can they stop any potential auto-renewal since it simply doesn’t occur. Users will need to manually subscribe to the Night plan each time they wish to use it.

Can I Roll over unused MTN Nightlife Bundles

MTN Night plans do not roll over to the following night; they expire at 6 AM sharp if not fully utilized. This means that any remaining data from your Night plan will not carry over to the next night’s session.

It’s important to make the most of your Night plan data allowance within the designated nighttime hours, as any unused data will be forfeited once the clock strikes 6 AM.


In conclusion, the MTN Night plan, available exclusively to subscribers of the MTN Pulse tariff plan, offers affordable data access during late-night hours. With options to purchase bundles using credit balance or Pulse points, users can enjoy flexibility in accessing data at discounted rates.

However, it’s essential to be mindful of the fair usage policy of 2GB per night and the plan’s expiration at 6 AM, ensuring efficient utilization of data within the allotted timeframe. While the plan does not offer auto-renewal or rollover features, it remains a convenient and cost-effective option for nocturnal browsing needs.


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