How to Activate Glo Night Plans: Get 1Gb Data for N100

How to activate Glo night plan

Exploring the internet at night can be an enjoyable experience, especially when you’ve subscribed to a GLO night plan. While using your GLO line, try and take advantage of the affordable night bonus packages they offer, which allows you to maximize your online activities during off-peak hours.

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Over a decade now, GLOBACOM is believed to be among the best that rewards its subscribers with mouth watering offers, everyone using it testifies about that.

Glo has played a bigger role in the Telecom market and in turn won millions of subscribers (approximately (62M) in its home country.

One key feature we will take a look at is the GLO NIGHT PLANS that comes handy at a more cheaper and affordable rate. Truth be told, if you are a glo user, and you don’t want your data plan to expire as an unused data, then you must start falling in love with Night Browsing.

How does Glo Night plan work

Glo night plans, as the name suggests, are exclusively designed for nighttime usage. As a Globacom customer, be rest assured Of night bundles as Glo divides its data plans into two distinct sections: Day plans and night plans. The fundamental concept is simple: if you’re someone who dislikes letting your data bundle expire unused, you need to acquaint yourself with browsing during the night hours. This ensures optimal utilization of your data allocation and helps you make the most out of your subscription.

let’s further expantiate on this,

Let’s say you are purchasing a 150MB data plan priced at N100 with Glo, the bundle will be divided into two parts. During the day, you’ll have 115MB for browsing, while the remaining 35MB is designated as the night bonus, exclusively for nighttime use. It’s worth noting that Glo also offers separate night bundles specifically for nighttime browsing, which do not follow the split structure discussed above.

How to activate Glo Night Bonus Plans

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As already explained, Glo has the night bonus plans and night only plans. Therefore we will be discussing the both here…

To activate Glo night bonus plans,

  • dial *312#.
  • Select option 1 (buy data)
  • Make a choice by either choosing option 1 (auto renewal) or 2 (one-off)
  • Base on your credit balance, select from mini plans, monthly plans, etc.
  • Select your desired data plan and proceed with the purchase.

Any data plan purchased will be split into two. See the table below to know how the night bonus data plans are splitted.


AmountData AllocationDay Data ElementGND
(Night bonus)
A table example of Glo night bonus plan

It’s essential to understand that once you’ve exhausted your day data plan, you won’t have access to the internet during the daytime. The GND (Glo Night Data) is exclusively reserved for nighttime usage.

 Furthermore, it’s crucial to note that the validity of the GND data aligns with the validity period of the purchased bundle. Therefore, if the plan you purchased is valid for 30 days so also is the GND data.

How to Activate Glo Night Data Plans: 500MB for N50

Globacom offers 250MB for N25 which is valid for a night, 500MB for N50 which is also valid for a night, while 1GB Data for N100 is valid for 5 Nights. To activate night bundles…

  • Dial *312#
  • Pick option 1 (buy data)
  • Choose either auto renewal or one-off option
  • Choose option 7 (night and weekend plans)
  • Select any option from 1-3 to buy night plan.

How to check Night plan balance on glo

To check your Glo night plan balance, dial *323#. Alternatively, for those who prefer a more detailed approach, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Open your text messaging App on your phone
  • Type “INFO” all in capital letters
  • Send it to 127.
  • Upon receipt, Glo will reply with your data balance including the night data (GND)

How to cancel Glo Night plan auto renewal

Glo offers its customers the convenience of activating auto-renewal when purchasing any data bundle. The added benefit is that while you have the option to opt in for auto-renewal, you also retain the control to stop it at any time. To cancel the auto-renewal feature for your Glo night plan, simply grab your phone, open your messaging app, and send the word “CANCEL” in uppercase letters to 127. This action prompts an immediate cancellation of the service,

Glo night plan time

Glo’s night plan operates from 12 AM (midnight) to 5 AM, providing users with a five-hour window to utilize their night bundles effectively. Whether you opt for the night-only plans or the split data bundles, both are accessible and ready for use during these designated hours. It’s important to keep in mind that if you happen to purchase the same data plan twice, the system deducts the allocation with the shorter validity period first. Subsequently, the remaining data from the other purchase(s) will be utilized accordingly.

For example….

Let’s say you bought a 150MB for N100 from Glo which is originally valid for one day of which 35mb is for night Browsing. During the night time period you purchased an extra 1GB Night data plan of which is valid for 5 Nights. The previous 35MB GND data will be consumed first before the 1GB night data will be depleted.

Does glo night plan affect my normal data

Night bundles do not have any impact on your regular data element. The GND (Glo Night Data) is specifically earmarked for night time usage. You can continue using your regular data during the day as usual, while the GND data remains exclusively reserved for the night. However, if your night plan is exhausted while browsing through the night, the regular data element will be depleted to give you continuous internet access.

How many times can Glo Night plan be done

Unlike airtel night plans, there are absolutely no limit to how many Glo night bundles you could purchase. You can purchase and accumulate as many as night data plans. However, you should be mindful of their respective expiring date.

Why is my Glo Night plan not working

If your Glo night plan isn’t working, then it may be because of lack of data, please always check and confirm data balance before you proceed, it may also occur due to poor network coverage in your area or the misconfiguration of your phone internet settings e.g your APN settings. It could also occur if Glo is non compatible with the ad-block software on your phone (i.e if you have any installed on your device).

In conclusion, Glo’s night bundles don’t affect your regular data usage. They’re designed for nighttime browsing, giving you more flexibility to use your data when it suits you best. With Glo, you can stay connected both day and night, making the most of your data plan without any hassle.


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