Supercharge Your Nights with 9mobile Night Plan offers: Get 500MB for N50

9mobile night plans,

If you are a fan of browsing at night, then it is no surprise that this question often runs through your mind “does 9mobile have night plan?” The correct and direct answer to that question is yes! Just like every other Telco firm in the market, 9mobile night plan package is among the best data offerings that actually involves buying bigger bundles for lesser amount.

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In addition to their affordable night plans, 9mobile also offers competitively priced day data packages. This makes them stand out in the industry, providing customers with cost-effective options for both daytime and nighttime browsing needs.

In this comprehensive article, we will take a look at the nitty-gritty of 9mobile night plans, addressing the three most commonly asked questions surrounding it. Outlined below…

…How can I be eligible for night plans on 9mobile

…How do i activate my night plan on 9mobile

…What time does 9mobile night plan start

Let’s get started with…

How can I be eligible for night plans on 9mobile

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No eligibility requirements are necessary to access 9mobile’s night plans. However, it’s worth noting that certain exclusive discounted night plan packages may necessitate a tariff migration for users to take advantage of these special offers.

Eligibility matters a lot in that aspect. Just like Airtel night plans, 9mobile follows the same route although with a few little changes. In order to be eligible for special 9mobile night plan offers, you’ll have to migrate out of your current tariff plan to Morcliq 3.0. This is the only 9mobile tariff (at least for now) that offers special discounted night plan rewards to 9mobile customers and you ought to be there. Follow the steps below to migrate…

  • Dial *301#
  • Press and send option 9 (Next)
  • Select option 2 (Prepaid)
  • Here you’ll see other tariff plans, simply go for the first option (Morecliq 3.0)

That’s all there is to it for the migration process.

How to do 9mobile Night Plan

9mobile offers two night plan options: 1.5GB priced at N200 and 2.5GB at N300. Follow the instructions below to purchase them…

  • Dial *312#
  • Select 1 (buy data)
  • Pick option 3 (Night time only)

Now select from available option to buy your Night plan. You have two options to pick from: the first is 1.5GB and the other is 2.5GB.

The convenience of 9mobile’s night data plans extends beyond the affordable pricing. It’s noteworthy that both the 1.5GB for N200 and 2.5GB for N300 options are accessible to subscribers on any 9mobile tariff plan. This implies that there’s no need to migrate from your current tariff plan to enjoy these night data packages.

9mobile night plan code for 50 naira

For users seeking even more economical options, 9mobile offers special discounted night plans, such as 500MB for N50 and 1GB for N100. However, accessing these pocket-friendly plans may necessitate a tariff migration. To activate the 500MB for N50 and 1GB for N100 night plans, simply dial *282*22#.

How to check 9mobile night plan balance

Checking your 9mobile night plan balance is straightforward. Simply dial *323# from your 9mobile line. Upon request, you’ll promptly receive a text message from 9mobile containing your remaining data balance, inclusive of the night plan balance.

As a subsequent step, dial *312# and choose option 2 to check your data balance. This action provides a comprehensive overview of your data usage, including any remaining data from your night plan.

With these steps, you can effortlessly check your 9mobile night plan balance and stay informed about your data consumption. Whether you’re browsing late at night or just monitoring your data usage, 9mobile ensures a convenient experience.

When does 9mobile night plan start

9mobile night plan start from 12AM and ends at 5AM. 9mobile gifts its users five (5) hours usage time to browse through the night. During these off peak hours, users can browse their favourite sites and do all sort of things on the internet. You can repurchase the bundle again to accumulate data if the one already purchased isn’t enough.

Can I Auto-Renew Plan

Yes, you can activate auto renewal on 9mobile night plan. 9mobile is among the list of Telco firms that allow users to auto renew Night plans.

However, it’s important to note that unlike some other plans, there is no provision for rolling over night plans on 9mobile. The night plan expires precisely at 5 AM, without any carryover of unused data to the next night.

To activate auto renewal for your night plan, simply follow the steps outlined in the “How to do 9mobile night plan” guide. Upon completing the process, you’ll encounter an option on the next screen to enable auto renewal or to cancel the plan.

By opting for auto renewal, you will get access to your preferred night plan, with the convenience of having the same plan automatically purchased for you each night. This streamlines the process and eliminates the need for manual renewal.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, 9mobile’s night plans offer users a convenient and flexible way to enjoy late-night browsing with generous data allowances and auto renewal options. While there is no rollover feature, the plans provide a fresh start each night, ensuring users have access to the data they need to explore their favorite websites and engage in various online activities during the specified off-peak hours. With 9mobile’s commitment to enhancing the user experience, subscribers can count on reliable connectivity and seamless browsing throughout the night.


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