data plans

Data plans & Pricing

Data plans and the internet are like best friends; they both work together to provide us with a better internet experience, although network, occasionally ruins the show at times! Data bundles are used to measure the internet access rate. Read Also: How to reduce your mobile Data consumption rate. The internet has evolved into a …

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Solutions to some network problems

6 Network problems with quick solutions

Different mobile network providers in Nigeria have different operational methods and thus some network problems. Customers do experience some level of network problems that cause uncertainty to which network is the best. However, all the telecommunications are deserving of praise for the connectivity service they provide. However, this article is not a review article that …

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NCC warns against pre-registered sims

Pre-registered sims: Protect your NIN from it!

Is prevention better than cure? Of course, It is! This is yet another justification for why safeguarding your identity (NIN) should be of the utmost importance, most especially during SIM registration. Beware of Pre-registered sims cards, NCC warns against it! What are Pre-registered Sims Pre-registered lines are sims that have already been registered and kept …

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