How to cancel auto renewal on 9mobile (VAS Services Included)

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Understanding how to cancel auto renewal on 9mobile is critical for managing your data plans properly. 9mobile offers a variety of data plans and value-added services, a variety of which include an option for auto renewal. 

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While auto renewal can be a useful tool for ensuring continuous data connection, keep in mind that you will be charged for the plan again, even if you do not need it. The auto-renewal feature renews a customer’s data plan when it expires. 

However, there may be times when a consumer wishes to cancel this feature, possibly due to insufficient funds or for some other reasons. Whatever the reason, knowing how to cancel auto renewal on 9mobile can save you from surprise expenses and give you greater control over your mobile data usage.

In this post, I will provide a step-by-step instructions on how to cancel auto renewal on 9mobile through the following channels: SMS, USSD code, or the 9mobile mobile app. These methods are straightforward and can be completed in just a few minutes. 

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How to Cancel Auto Renewal on 9mobile via USSD Code

  • To cancel auto renewal on 9mobile, dial *229*0#
  • After dialing the code, a message will be displayed on your screen, prompting you to select an option. Carefully read the options provided and look for the one that allows you to cancel auto renewal.
  • Reply with the option to cancel auto renewal. This will initiate the cancellation process. Make sure to follow any additional prompts or confirmations that may appear on your screen to ensure your request is processed correctly.
  • Wait for a confirmation message from 9mobile stating that the auto renewal feature on your data plan has been canceled. This confirmation is crucial as it serves as proof that your request has been successfully processed.

Note: t is important to note that you need to cancel auto renewal at least 24 hours before your data plan expires. If you wait too long, you might still be charged for the next cycle.

How to cancel auto renewal on 9mobile via SMS

To stop auto-renewal via SMS, simply text “STOP” to 229. This simple way will prevent your existing data plan from being renewed automatically. After sending the message, you should receive a confirmation from 9mobile indicating that the auto-renewal function for your data plan has been successfully cancelled. 

It’s crucial to know that if you opt out of auto-renewal, you’ll have to actively subscribe to a new data plan when your existing one expires. This means that you must be vigilant in monitoring your data usage and expiration dates to avoid service disruptions. Without the auto renewal feature, your data will not be automatically renewed, and you must initiate the procedure manually to continue enjoying uninterrupted data access.

How to stop auto renewal on 9mobile via ig9te App

Step 1: Install the ig9te app on your Android or iOS device via the Google Play or iOS App Stores. Open the app and sign in with your 9mobile number. To avoid interruptions, make sure you have a reliable connection to the internet during the process. 

Step 2: Once you’ve logged in, select the “My Account” option. Scroll down until you reach the “My Subscribed Services” area, then tap on it to see all of your active subscriptions. 

Step 3: In the “My Subscribed Services” section, pick the service or plan you want to disable auto-renewal for. There should be an option to disable auto-renewal. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

My Experience: The ig9te App can be quite sluggish. It’s often so slow that you may struggle to open the app, let alone log in with your phone number. You might have to try several times before successfully logging in. Even if you manage to log in, you could still face other difficulties while navigating the app. Due to these regular occurrences, it might be more efficient to use alternative methods such as USSD codes or SMS to manage your 9mobile subscriptions. This way, you can avoid the frustration of dealing with a slow and unresponsive app.

How to Stop Auto Renewal on 9mobile Using Customer Care Service

I know that feeling. You don’t want to speak with a customer care agent, right? However, no matter how reluctant you may be, you’ll still need to contact them when you encounter certain difficulties. If you need assistance, call (300) to get in touch with 9mobile customer care agent.

How to Cancel All Auto Renewal on 9mobile

There are several ways to stop or disable auto Renewal on 9mobile. The method I believe is better and more convenient to use is the SMS method, which involves sending “STOP” in uppercase letters to “229.” The “STOP” code universally blocks all kinds of auto-renewals on 9mobile. By sending this SMS, you can prevent any data plan or service from renewing automatically, giving you full control over your subscriptions.

However, if after trying this method you do not get any response from 9mobile, the next step is to request help from a 9mobile representative. This means calling customer care. Disabling auto-renewal ensures you only renew services intentionally when you need them, avoiding unexpected charges and keeping your expenses in check.

Though the verification questions you may be asked while speaking with a customer care representative can be a bit annoying, there are situations where self-service options aren’t enough to fix an issue. So, if you face any difficulties with the SMS method, don’t hesitate to call (300) for assistance. This way, you can ensure that your auto-renewal settings are adjusted exactly as you need them.


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