How to Link NIN to GLO (Best 2024 Guide Online)

How to link NIN to glo

Yet to link NIN to your line? In this article, we are going to look at how to link NIN to GLO. NIN-SIM linkage is now a must-do process in that if not done, you risk getting your line blocked.  

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NIN-SIM linkage is now a major concern in the country as the Telco giant Globacom are busy sending threat messages to subscribers who are yet to link thier GLO lines to NIN. There are several different methods you can use to link your NIN… Avoid getting blocked! 

Let’s get started with…

How to link NIN to Glo number via SMS

You can link NIN to your Glo SIM via SMS. The SMS linking method was actually among the first developed method for NIN-SIM linkage. 

All Globacom customers can link their National Identification Number (NIN) to their mobile numbers by simply sending ‘UPDATENIN NIN FirstName and LastName’ to 109. For example, send ‘UPDATENIN 12345678900 Promise James’ to 109.” 

How to link NIN to Glo via USSD

The most popular method to link your Glo line is via the USSD code. The older USSD code used for this exercise was *109# and later changed. NCC regulated the Telco framework implementing newly harmonised short codes for its citizens. Now, to link your NIN,

  • Dial *996#
  • Select option 1 from the menu displayed, 
  • Enter your 11-digit NIN and submit it for validation.

How to link NIN to Glo online

Glo also has the online Nin linking method. I don’t think that any Globacom customer will have a say when asked why he or she could not link NIN. There are so many ways to get your Glo line linked to NIN. Below is a walk through step by step guide on how to link NIN to GLO online…

  • Pay a visit to GLO’s online linking portal
  • Click on sign up button
  • Register using your Glo mobile number 
  • Now, sign in using your registered Glo number
  • Check around for submit NIN button and proceed to linking

I have Tried the Steps listed Above but my GLO line isn’t linked, why?

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The steps provided above are necessary if your NIN data matches with your SIM-REG data. Therefore, if you know very that your details on both (NIN and SIM) has a mis-match, please visit the nearest GLO agent or office to have that issue resolved and at the same get your Glo line linked.

Note: You may be asked to provide an affidavit before any changes concerning mismatched records can be updated.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to link Glo to NIN

In order to link your NIN to your Glo line, dial *996# and proceed to link your line. You can also do it via SMS by sending “UPDATENIN SPACE NIN SPACE FirstName SPACE LastName’ to 109” e.g send UPDATENIN 12345678900 Progress Chukwudi. The last but not the least method is via the Glo NIN linking portal.

How to link NIN to glo after being blocked

If your Glo line is blocked, you’ll still have to link it to unblock the SIM. To do this, visit any Glo SIM-REG centre or office nearer to you to have your records updated and linked. Go there with your NIN slip and provide every other details that may be required from you. 

Why is my NIN not linked after several Submissions

There are so many factors that hinders NIN-SIM linkage. Nonetheless, the primary cause of NIN linking failure is “customer has a mis-match data.” Mis-match data often occurs if your NIN records do not tally with your GLO SIM-REG records. The records thoroughly checked for Mismatch are the Names, Date of birth, and your SIM-REG previously captured photograph.

What is the best way to link your Glo SIM card

I will always recommend you visit any Glo SIM-REG centre to update and link your Glo SIM. 


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