Nimc boost enrolment effort, nimc temporarily suspend front end partners, online registration portal for NIN

NIMC Boosts NIN Enrolment Efforts with 222 Additional Devices Nationwide

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The Director-General/CEO of the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), Engr. Abisoye Odusote-Coker, has recently made a significant decision aimed at addressing the challenges associated with the National Identification Number (NIN) enrolment process.

Engr. Coker has approved the distribution of additional enrolment systems to all states across the country. This strategic move is part of NIMC’s ongoing efforts to streamline operations, ease NIN enrolment challenges, and increase operational capacity.

The provision of additional enrolment devices underscores the commitment of the DG/CEO towards enhancing the overall effectiveness of NIMC’s operations. These newly deployed enrolment systems have been installed and are now in use across all states. Their implementation has yielded promising results, notably reducing the time spent by applicants and increasing the daily number of individuals attended to.

However, despite these positive developments, recent reports indicate a slowdown in the monthly average enrolment for NIN. In 2023, only 10.13 million Nigerians registered for NIN, representing a significant shortfall from the Federal Government’s target of 2.5 million registrations per month. This discrepancy highlights the urgent need for proactive measures to bridge the gap and meet government targets.

To address this challenge, NIMC has forged a partnership with the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA). Through this collaboration, NIMC will receive 222 new enrolment devices and support services for one year. The introduction of these state-of-the-art devices is expected to bolster operational capacity and facilitate a more efficient enrolment process.

During a presentation ceremony, Engr. Coker-Odusote emphasized the transformative impact of these devices, particularly in state offices. She underscored the importance of modernizing enrolment facilities to keep pace with evolving technological advancements. The Country Director of KOICA, Son Sungil, reiterated the agency’s commitment to strengthening its partnership with NIMC and supporting the e-government project.

In addition to enhancing operational capacity, NIMC is also taking proactive measures to combat unethical practices during the enrolment process. Engr. Coker-Odusote has deployed monitoring and evaluation teams across various centres nationwide to ensure compliance with ethical standards. Any incidents of extortion or misconduct are to be promptly reported through designated official channels.

Engr. Coker-Odusote’s zero-tolerance stance against extortion and unethical practices underscores her commitment to upholding integrity and transparency in NIMC’s operations. She has emphasized that any staff found engaging in misconduct will face disciplinary action in accordance with constitutional provisions and extant Public Service Rules.

In conclusion, NIMC’s initiative to improve the NIN enrolment process and enhance operational efficiency reflects its dedication to fulfilling its mandate of providing reliable and secure identification services to all Nigerians. Through strategic partnerships, modernization efforts, and strict enforcement of ethical standards, NIMC aims to restore public trust and confidence in the national identity management system. Applicants are encouraged to utilize the provided official channels to report any incidents of misconduct, reaffirming NIMC’s commitment to delivering efficient and transparent services.

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