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The Best Of Smartcash PSB Wallet!

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Smartcash PSB (Payment Service Bank) LTD is an Airtel Africa PLC subsidiary. It was established in 2022 following the Central Bank of Nigeria’s approval to realize its financial inclusion goal for all Nigerians, particularly the unbanked and underbanked.

SmartCash PSB wallet supports Person-to-Person payment service (P2P), which allows individuals to send and receive money from anyone in the world via their mobile phones or at the nearest merchant shop outlet.

SmartCash PSB’s main goal is to increase financial inclusion by utilizing large volume, low value transactions in a secure, technologically advanced environment. It strives to provide a quick, safe, and simple-to-use payment solution for businesses. Among the features of SmartCash PSB are the following:

  • Bill payment
  • cash withdrawal
  • P2P transfer and also
  • All VTU services
20230106 102852 The Best Of Smartcash PSB Wallet!

Everything smartcash is accessible from *939#

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How to open Smartcash PSB wallet

  1. Dial *939*0#
  2. Create wallet using your NIN, BVN, or sim card data.
  3. Create a four (4) digit pin to be used for all smartcash transactions.
  4. Set a security question. If it happens you forget your transaction pin, your security question will be used to reset it.

Another way to open a smartcash PSB wallet is to walk into any smartcash outlet closest to you. The agent there will create and fund your account.

You will be notified that your wallet has been created successfully with your account status. i.e wallet capacity and account limitations will be sent to you! If you do not want any limitation on your account, use BVN to open the Smartcash PSB wallet.

Smartcash PSB benefits

Enjoy smooth P2P transactions at a low charge of N10. The charge fee is determined by the amount involved in the transaction. When you recharge your Airtel line using your smartcash account, you will also receive a 100% airtime bonus. Your 100% bonus is guaranteed regardless of your Airtel tariff plan. Smartcash airtime bonus is valid for 3 days.

Please keep in mind that Smartcash reserves the right to discontinue any of their services at any time. As a result, if you do not receive the airtime bonus after recharging, it is possible that the service has been discontinued. However, the bonus reward is still available!

Dial *123*1# to check your smartcash PSB reward. This offer is only available to Airtel customers.

Smartcash PSB also promotes the refer-and-earn program. If the terms and conditions are followed, the “refer and earn” service will pay the referee N100 for each referral brought into the system.

What is the proper way to refer to earning rewards?

  1. Tell the person to dial *939*0# on his or her phone.
  2. Open wallet using NIN, BVN, or SIM card data. Specifically, the information used to register a customer’s SIM card.
  3. Inform the user that a four (4) digit pin will be required for smartcash transactions.
  4. Set a security question with the name of your primary school, an alternate phone number, or something similar.

Hooray! The wallet was created successfully!

At this point, fund the newly created wallet with a minimum of N200 and encourage the new born user to recharge his/her line with N100 so you can receive your reward.

The Smartcash PSB wallet can only be created with an Airtel sim card. It does not currently work with any other Network type.

Money earned through the referrals program is summed up and credited to the referee’s account within 24 hours of any user’s successful registration.

You can earn even more money by becoming a smartcash PSB agent.

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How to Become a Smartcash PSB Agent

Looking for a way to earn some cash back on all of your transactions? Begin by becoming a smartcash agent.

Requirements for enrollment.

  • Shop (A kiosks or a rented shop)
  • BVN Number
  • NIN
  • Airtel phone number
  • Utility bill (Electricity bill or water bill).

If you meet the above requirements, simply go to and fill out the form on the website before submitting it.

Following submission, smartcash will access and send representatives to meet with you for further investigation and assessment.


Smartcash is one of the best payment service banks in Nigeria, offering a priotised secure transfer environment. To begin, dial *939*0# from your Airtel line. If you require assistance with smartcash services or are dissatisfied with the information provided on this website about smartcash PSB, please contact their customer service at 09125939939.

It’s time to make some money!

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