How to activate Glo easyshare and share airtime

Glo Easyshare: Airtime & Data sharing Made Easier!

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Glo Easyshare is a service provided by the Nigerian telecommunications company Globacom Limited that allows users to share airtime with friends and family. Users can use Glo Easyshare to transfer airtime from Glo to Glo and share their airtime and data allowances with other glo users. The service was designed to make it easier for users to share data and airtime and stay connected with loved ones. Users must have a Glo SIM card in order to use Glo Easyshare.

Remember that sharing is caring! But, before we get to the handy Credit-share pattern of Glo Easyshare, let’s quickly go over the basics of Glo Easyshare.

What you should know About Glo EasyShare

  • The service is free, no service charge.
  • The service is secured with a pin. Default pin is (00000).
  • You can only transfer airtime from Glo to Glo.
  • Single minimum transaction is N50.
  • Maximum amount allowed per transaction is N1000.
  • Daily transfer limit is N100,000.
  • Multiple transactions allowed i.e You can transfer to as many Glo numbers as you wish.
  • Must have at least N50 in account to be eligible for any transfer.
  • Airtime bonuses are not available for sharing.

Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals of Glo EasyShare, let’s get to the main reason you’ve arrived at this page.

Glo Easyshare Transfer Code

To transfer credit, dial *131*Recipient’s Phone Number*amount to be transferred*Password#.

E.g If your password is 11223 and you want to transfer N95 to a customer with the phone Number 08155570458, then dial *131*08155531110*95*11223#.

Once the transfer is complete, you will be notified via text message. The default password is 00000.

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Change Glo EasyShare default password for good!

The password 00000 has been assigned to all Glo users by default. Though you can continue to use the default password to complete your airtime/data sharing transactions, we recommend that you change it to be on the safe side.

How to Change the Password for Glo EasyShare

To change your Glo EasyShare Password, dial *132*00000*new pin*repeat new pin#. E.g If you want to use 1122 as your pin/password, enter *132*00000*1122*1122#. Note, any four or five digit number may be used as the password.

If you’ve set your unique pin for Glo EasyShare, but you’re not comfortable with the setup. You can request a change by dialing the code: *132*old pin*new pin*new pin#.

You will receive a message stating that the pin reset was successful upon request.

However, there are times when we forget our Glo EasyShare Password, and you are well aware that Glo EasyShare is inaccessible without your password. In this case, the only remaining option is to call Glo customer service at (121) and request a pin reset.

Glo Data gifting and sharing

Unlike Glo Easyshare, Glo allows users to share/gift Data bundles to friends and family. Glo Easyshare is a channel for airtime gifts, Data Gifting is a channel for data bundle gifts, and Glo Data sharing is a channel for data bundle pairing.

Just as two Bluetooth devices can pair with each other, Glo allows data bundles to be paired from one Glo customer to another.

You can share data with your loved ones via Glo cafe app, or you can add, remove, and list people who will share in your data subscription plan by following the steps below.

  1. Dial *777#
  2. Go for 2 (data)
  3. Press 5 (Share data plan)
  4. On the next screen, press 1 to share

Type in the phone number you wish to share your Glo data bundles with and send it.

Your data sharing request will be sent, and the data pairing with the phone number will be activated within 24 hours! You can add up to 5 Glo users to your data plan, and they will receive the same immediate and fast data services as you do.

You can also unshare any Glo phone number with which you shared data.

Simply repeat the first three steps above, but on the fourth step, choose option (2) to unshare.

Insert the phone number you want to unshare, and the request will be sent, and sharing with that number will be cancelled immediately.

Please be advised: please save the contact lists of people you shared your data subscription with somewhere so you can “unshare” if you do not want to continue sharing your data with them.

How to Gift a Data Bundle

Glo data gifting simply means “buy for me.” You buy the data bundle along with your airtime for whoever you want.

Steps to follow,

  1. Dial *777#
  2. Press 2 (Data)
  3. Select option 4 (Gift Data plan)
  4. Choose the plan you want to gift. (monthly, mini plans, mega plans and so on)
  5. Select how much data you are gifting. (N1000 for 3.9GB, N1500 for 7.5GB etc).
  6. Enter recipient phone number.

Your gifting request has been sent for processing and you will get a feedback as soon as possible.

Comparison of Data Gifting and Sharing.

The table below shows how similar data gifting and sharing look.

Data GiftingData Sharing
you purchase the data bundle for your friend. Your friend receives it as gift from you.Your friends use your subscribed data bundle to access the internet. They can load web pages with your data as you browse the internet.
You can gift Data to unlimited number of people. Note, you will be charged for each data purchase.Data is only shared among the 5 Glo users you have added to your data plan.
Data is valid according to the terms of the purchased data plan.The same.

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