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9PSB, Why You Should Bank On It!

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9PSB is Nigeria’s first and foremost digital payment service bank, established in November 2020. This bank provides a computerized version of everything that traditional banks offer.

The company operates a privately-owned agent banking network and operates as a fully digital bank. Essentially, this organization is for everyone and offers smooth access to both online and offline digital banking.

Unlike MoMo PSB and Smartcash PSB, 9PSB is Network agnostic. The bank allows it’s banking network run through the four Telecommunication firm in Nigeria. I.e you can open an account with 9PSB using any Network and the phone number becomes your account number.

Moreover, financial inclusion is more like a social goal required to combat poverty, maintain social harmony and to address income disparity. As a result, the bank is assisting in the provision of simple, accessible, and inexpensive financial services through strategic relationships with key stakeholders in many sectors.

Your Expectations from 9 payment service bank

This mobile wallet is similar to traditional banks in that it provides essential financial services such as:

  • Purchase of an airtime/data bundle
  • Deposits and withdrawals of cash
  • Payment of bills and many among other obligations.

9PSB additionally employs a scalable and sustainable agent banking approach In order to cover the last mile. Through these well-trained and well-supported agents and partners, the bank offers local banking centers to every rural and urban areas of Nigeria guaranteeing that financial services are provided to all Nigerians’ doorsteps regardless of their location.

This is your chance to earn money by executing the aforementioned services.

How to Become a 9PSB Agent

To become an agent, you must achieve the following standards:

1) The ability to read and write is required.
2) NIN/BVN Number
3) An acceptable method of identification. (An ID card, a voter card, an international passport, and a driver’s license are all required).
4) Passport photo
5) A bank account and a minimum of N50,000 in start-up funds are required.

There are numerous additional ways to make money on the 9psb platform. You may find out more about that by going to this page.

How to Sign Up for a 9PSB Account

You can quickly open an account with 9PSB by dialing *990*0#. Following the dialing of the code, simply follow the onscreen steps to create your account.

You can open two sorts of accounts on this platform: 9ra Instant and 9ra Save.

To open a 9ra save account, however, you must first download the mobile application and then join their save and earn program!

Which Telecommunications Firm is 9PSB under?

As the name “9PSB” suggests, it is possible to believe that the bank is operated by the 9mobile telecommunications corporation. This is not correct because 9PSB is an independent corporation, not a subsidiary. However, there is a probability tendency that they might partner with 9mobile in the near future.


In order to lower the number of Nigerians excluded from financial services from about 45% to 20.0%, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) established the National Financial Inclusion Strategy in October 2012. (NFIS).

The development of Payment Service Banks was a critical component of this Strategy, with the goal of breaking down conventional obstacles to financial inclusion and encouraging low-cost, convenient, and secure financial services for all Nigerians. 9PSB is one of the companies that has assisted CBN in achieving this goal.

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